Derived from the company’s popular  “Taurus OSS” model designed for U.S. Armed Forces, Taurus’ 800 series boasts many new customer requested features including an external hammer, quick field stripping and double stacked magazines. The Taurus® 800 Series has everything one would expect to find on the most advanced semi-auto pistols in the world.

Available in .45 ACP, .40 cal and 9mm, the 800 Series features Taurus’ industry changing “Strike Two” capability. Firing normally from single action mode, if the primer ever fails to ignite, the gun reverts to double action mode to provide a potentially life-saving second or third try at a faulty cartridge. Research indicates a 93 percent or better chance the round will fire on re-strike. The pistol will then automatically revert back to single action mode.

When field stripping the 800 Series, which is achieved quickly with unique take-down levers, users will be impressed with the firearm’s rugged construction including a forged slide and captured recoil spring with stainless steel guide rod. These components help create incredibly balanced spring pressure that allow for record-setting cycle times capable of firing ten rounds in under a second.
809b.jpgThe series also features Genuine Novak® Sights, true ambidextrous magazine release buttons and extended magazine bumpers that double as a finger rest and save damage to the magazine when ejected in rapid-fire situations.  Each firearm also includes 2 Taurus exclusive magazines, which fit into super guided wells for record-setting reloading. Each magazine is double stacked for hi-capacity and features witness holes for easy round count.

The 800 Series offers ultimate exclusive protection with three internal safeties, unnoticed by the shooter when firing.  True ambidextrous safety and decock lever allows the user to leave a live round in the chamber and safely decock – or leave a round in the chamber and apply the safety with the left or right hand. The series also comes standard with a visual loaded chamber indicator and the unique Taurus Security System® that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous onboard key-lock.   Each caliber is available in either Black Tennifer or Stainless Steel. MSRP $623.00 – $686.00.

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