I’ve dubbed Taurus’ new polymer-framed, stainless, .357 Magnum wheelgun the “MIGHTYsmall.” As a concealed-carry firearm, the DT delivers on the promise of being best-in-class for size, weight and accuracy. But what exactly is this class of firearm?

The Taurus is a unique design, and its closest competitor is the Ruger LCR. Ruger’s approach is modular and utilizes three major components: a stainless steel cylinder frame/barrel assembly; a polymer fire-control housing, which includes a trigger, hammer, sear and mainspring; and a stainless steel cylinder/crane subassembly. The DT builds on an integrated design that was pioneered by the Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer. Like this Public Defender, the new DT has a full-metal skeleton bonded to a polymer exterior frame. Underneath it is a steel substructure that goes all the way around, over the top of the stainless cylinder and down the back to form the recoil shield. The crane and ejector rod are seated into another steel subframe, and a polymer top strap and barrel shroud surrounds the 2-inch barrel and supports a notched rear and raised red-fiber-optic front sight. The frame is black polymer with a subtle, almost shiny bead-blasted look, contrasting the polished stainless cylinder, ejector rod, hammer and trigger.


The trick to making this 20-ounce, 2-inch snubnose manageable to shoot is energy-absorbing grips, and the DT’s Taurus-designed rubber grips do the job. This five-shot wheelgun delivers accuracy at tactical ranges up to 50 feet and enough manageability with .357 Magnum defensive loads to make it an ideal carry gun. With an overall length of 6.7 inches, a height of 4.6 inches and maximum width of 1.25 inches, this is probably about as high-tech and lightweight as a .357 Magnum revolver will ever get. DTs go for an average of $360 each. Keep an eye out for a full evaluation of the DT in a future issue of Combat Handguns. For more information, visit


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I’ve dubbed Taurus’ new polymer-framed, stainless, .357 Magnum wheelgun the “MIGHTYsmall.” As a concealed-carry firearm,…