If you have been following the Taurus pistol releases the past few years you know how well all the new guns have been doing. This is the new era of Taurus Firearms and with every release from the company they impress more and more gun enthusiasts and shut up the keyboard operators. The new era of Taurus started with the G3 and has come full circle back to the very same platform. When I heard there was a new variation of the G3 coming out I could not wait to get my hands on it. The Taurus G3 Tactical has arrived and is sure to turn more than a few heads.

Upgrading the Original to the New Taurus G3 Tactical

The G3 Tactical is everything the G3 is with some fantastic additions. It starts with the case itself, Taurus tossed the old plastic clamshell case and replaced it with a more tactical looking and much nicer soft case. Then, Taurus turned the frame a beautiful creamy peanut buttery FDE with a Patriot Brown Cerakoted slide and ripped that thumb safety off the frame. This gun screams tactical, and a thumb safety really doesn’t fit the bill. Instead, your safety is built into the G series trigger which is one of the best trigger systems to ever grace a Taurus firearm.

The new G3 Tactical is easy to shoot

The refined element of the G3 is the 6-lb. trigger, designed with a smooth but a little long take-up and a surprisingly crisp, clean break exceeding that of typical striker-fired pistol triggers in the class. The short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots. In true Taurus fashion They didn’t stop at a decent trigger. They innovated an entirely new system called restrike. Allowing the trigger to come all the way forward and pulling it again will restrike the primer in the case of a soft primer strike or bad primer. This allows the shooter to always stay in the fight. 

The Tactical Taurus is Red Dot Ready

Looking at the slide you will immediately notice the T.O.R.O system already added to the top. The T.O.R.O. series slides feature a factory optic cut so that shooters can immediately add their choice of micro red dot optics without the expense of custom gunsmith work on their handgun. The T.O.R.O. system is design to accommodates a broad range of popular optics thanks to the 4 interchangeable mounting plates that come included.

If you are not a red dot shooter yet, Taurus also includes a cover plate as well. You also get a nice set of blacked out suppressor height sights that will work well to co witness with your red dot but also will allow you to have a sight picture peak over most suppressors or comps. Taurus happened to make the G3 Tactical ready to take any of your favorite barrel accessories and/or Gun Mufflers with the very welcome addition of the very first factory threaded barrel from Taurus. The barrel has standard ½ x 28 thread pitch and a strong DLC Coating. 

Suppressing the Taurus G3 is Easy

I picked up an incredible Suppressor from GSL Technology called the Trinity SS to pair with my G3 Tactical. I choose the Trinity SS mainly due to the size of the can. It is not the quietest 9mm can in the world but that is due to its size mainly. It is a purpose-built suppressor designed mainly for a nightstand gun, EDC, or travel.  The Trinity SS offers at least 25 dB of sound suppression. That makes it hearing safe and perfect for not blowing your ear drums out if you had to shoot in the middle of a house without ears. It is under 5in long and boasts less than a 1.5in diameter. The can only weighs 6.6 oz thanks to its aluminum construction and is Hard Coated for durability.

The suppressor matches the gun

When I got my GSL Technology Trinity SS, I felt it needed to match the Taurus G3 Tactical. So I took it to my friends over at Odin’s Workshop and had them match the can to the gun. It is like a match made in Valhalla. I haven’t decided if the Trinity was designed for the G3 Tactical or the G3 Tactical was made for the Trinity SS yet. 

500 Rounds of Reliability

I got to put around 500 rounds down range when this article was written. I experienced zero malfunctions while running about every kind of ammo, I could get my hands on. Whether for personal defense, Bed side protection, carry, or just for the person looking to add a budget-friendly 9mm to the collection—the new Taurus G3 Tactical might just be the full-size polymer pistol you have been waiting for. With an MSRP of only $583.00 you really can’t beat the package.  Accurate, reliable, great looking, and battle ready. Check out the full review here or for more information, visit

Taurus G3 Tactical Specifications

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Capacity: 17 or 10 rounds
  • Magazines: 2×17 or 2×10
  • Firing System: striker
  • Action Type: SA w/re-strike
  • Front Sight: fixed
  • Rear Sight: drift adjustable
  • Safety: striker block, trigger safety, visual loaded chamber indicator
  • Frame Size: full size
  • Grip Material: polymer
  • Slide Material: alloy steel
  • Overall Length: 7.76 in.

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