gun test PWS MK212SD lead

The venerable .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO remains a workhorse for police work, hunting and tactical operations. ARs in this chambering have vastly improved lately, and they are now more accurate than every before with enhanced reliability, even with shorter barrels. Primary Weapons Systems, or PWS, has been a leader in this area. The company’s gas piston operating system offers a long dwell system that works well with shorter-barreled rifles, and the .308/7.62mm is no exception. My MK212 has been the most reliable short-barreled AR I’ve ever tested. It just does not quit, no matter how it is configured, including with a sound suppressor. And suppressed is the only way to run a short 7.62mm AR, which prompted PWS to create a suppressed-only version, the MK212SD, which I was recently able to test.

Rather than use an adjustable gas block, PWS has tuned the MK212SD to work only while suppressed. Given its 12.75-inch barrel, this is the best way to run the rifle, so why not dedicate it to the task? The MK212SD includes all of the enhanced features of the standard MK212, including PWS’ newest forged MK212 lower receiver, which is lighter yet stronger and more reliable.

I tested the MK212SD over a couple of months and in varying conditions. For standard range testing and CQB work, I used a U.S. Optics SR-8C scope and a Delta P Design Brevis suppressor. I also took the MK212SD to Buck Doyle’s Follow Through Consulting range in Teasdale, Utah, to take it out to 800 yards. This time I used a Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor and U.S. Optics’ MR-10 scope with a Horus reticle, which allowed for wind and elevation holds under stress out to 500 yards.

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