TW• Have you been traveling lately?
I’ve been in Washington, serving as spokesman for our bill in Congress to change the name of the Department of the Navy to the Department of the Navy and the Marine Corps. The bill has passed the House with 97% of the vote and currently has 78 co-sponsors in the Senate. To get involved, folks should visit the web site, Also in Washington, I was at the Memorial Day Parade. There were thousands and thousands of well-wishers, and there were about 10 people with signs saying, “God hates soldiers!” They’re the sick part of society; not many of them, but they’re out there. They’ve interrupted the funerals of fallen heroes repeatedly. You’d think that our government could pass a law against that.

TW• Any time to do some shooting?
I did real good at the Creedmoor Cup. All M1 Garand matches. I did four of them and came in third out of 150 people. So I did OK. The old M1 Garand is my baby, it’s my favorite one. I love the M1 Garand. Iron sights, factory-make. It has never let me down.

TW• You’ve been a strong promoter for shooting competition for young people.
We need more kids competing, starting out with air rifles. You get that competition in your blood. It’s not only a lot of fun, it teaches young people gun safety. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is what people should be thinking more and more about right now. We sold thousands and thousands of handguns last year. Tragedy happens when young kids who don’t know gun safety find a gun and start to fool around with it, playing cowboys or something, This is something that’s near and dear to my heart—get these kids competing, shooting with air rifles. We did it in my family, and it’s fun. The girls come out, they want a turn, everybody in the family shoots. It becomes a family affair.

TW• Do you have many family members who own handguns?
Everybody in my family of legal age owns a handgun for home protection. I can’t think of another time when it’s been more important. Absolutely! Everyone should have one. You call the police…how long will it be before they get to your house?

TW• The Arizona illegal alien crackdown has sparked rioting and unrest. Are illegal aliens even more of a threat now?
Look who’s doing the rioting—it’s the illegals! I saw on the news yesterday that 20 other states are following Arizona’s lead. I support Arizona 100 percent.

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TW• Have you been traveling lately? I’ve been in Washington, serving as spokesman for…