GUN COLLECTING: Gunny’s eclectic taste in firearms and all things edged, ranges from the modern to the old-school traditional, such as these valuable dueling pistols.

TW • We’ve been discussing collecting at times, and we were wondering about handguns. Do you collect old handguns?
I do indeed, I’m a fanatic you could say. For starters, I have a police .38-caliber revolver from back in the nineteen teens. It belonged to a police officer in New York. His men gave it to him. It’s all inscribed and everything. I’ve got dueling pistols. Cap and ball dueling pistols. I’d say they’re worth about $15 to $20K each set. I have a French set, plus another English set that belonged to a Naval officer. They were made in the 1800s, and they’re like brand new. Still in the original boxes, with all the accessories with them. I keep my eyes open for those things.

TW • Anything new from this year’s SHOT Show?
I’ve got a book a guy gave me at the SHOT Show that I want everybody to read. It’s called Here’s a Straw, Suck It Up! by Brett Sizemore. It’s a soft-cover book of timeless quotes and stories from military and law enforcement life. It’s wonderful, patriotic stuff, written by a Sergeant First Class from the Army. Look for it on Amazon and other book sites. The SHOT Show itself was like the other 200 or so industry shows I’ve attended over the years. I can’t get out of the booths of my sponsors, have time to walk around and look at stuff. Being popular is great, but it doesn’t leave me time to look at what’s in the show.

TW • What did you think of Christina Aguilera screwing up the lyrics of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl?
She was so bad she made my skin crawl. To start with, I like to hear my Anthem played traditionally. I cringe when some hip-hop, trashy performer tries to turn the Star Spangled Banner into something that sounds like it’s coming from a disco. My advice to her is that if you want to do Monster Rap and all that shit, do it with your own songs.

TW • What’s this we hear about your grandson becoming a Marine?
He’s graduating from the School of Infantry at the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot in San Diego. I’ll be there to see it and then hang out with him for a couple of days. I’ll be really proud to see him wearing a Marine uniform.

TW • When you look at the medals your Brother Marines are wearing, which ones mean the most to you?
The Medal of Honor of course. Very few of those recipients live to wear the medal. Then there’s the Silver Star and the Bronze Star, and you personally had to perform some pretty darn brave act to win either one of those. They’re individual awards—not unit awards.

TW • In the Army, as you know, one of the most coveted medals is the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. What is the Marine equivalent of that?
It’s the Combat Action Ribbon. You don’t get it for being a Grunt. It’s awarded for being in combat.

TW • Right now, the chaos in Egypt is in the headlines. What worries you about what’s happening there?
It’s a bunch of people who want their freedom. What worries me about that is the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re organized. The civilians aren’t. The radical Muslims want to slip in there and take over the government. And soon you’ll have another damned Iran and Afghanistan.

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GUN COLLECTING: Gunny’s eclectic taste in firearms and all things edged, ranges from the…