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Editor’s Note: Gunny’s upcoming road trips include the AUSA show in D.C. and IACP in New Orleans. He’s looking forward to visiting with active Army men and women at AUSA and cops from around the world at IACP. As always, Gunny will be at GLOCK’s booth at both shows. We’re sure he’ll be sharing some tales in future issues of

gunny11.jpgQ: Gunny, you’ve traveled all over the map to visit our military personnel on duty. What about our folks on Border Patrol? What’s going on with them?
They take an oath, you know. They go to school for training, and then take an oath. And their oath is to uphold the laws of this country. The immigration laws of this country. Now their superiors tell them, “Don’t enforce this. Don’t enforce that. This rule doesn’t apply any more.” We all sent our lawmakers to D.C., because we thought they believed in our laws, made years ago. Including the immigration laws, rules and regulations. And now the new Congress has decided that they don’t want to enforce those laws. The poor immigration guys, the INS guys, they’re stuck. They’ve sworn to uphold the laws, but then their superiors are telling them, “Don’t uphold this law, don’t uphold that law.” We have two INS people in prison right now because they shot a drug dealer in the ass. The drug dealer is back and is still smuggling drugs, and on top of that he is suing the U.S. government. Does that make any sense?

Q: So, you’re pleased to see the Immigration Bill killed, or at least stalled?
Damned straight! Legalizing 12 million aliens who are breaking the law to be here in the first place isn’t going to solve anything. The people who so desperately wanted this new immigration setup to pass kept admitting, “It’s flawed. No question about it. It has problems. But we need to do something!” Did you hear that? We must do something. Well screw you! If you want to do something, make sure it solves the problem.

Q: Our borders seem to be very porous. Are they?
Everywhere I go in the world, I must legally enter these sovereign countries or I can’t get in. Now why is it that here in America we should tolerate less than that? These people are not coming up here because they love America, they come here for the dollar. And every time we turn around we’re throwing another bean in the basket. We’re giving them another perk, like saying, “We’ll educate your kids.”

Here in California we give them free medical. We can’t turn ’em down. In every emergency room they can’t be turned down. They can’t even be asked if they’re a citizen. Talk about aggravating!

The liberals profess: “They’re doing jobs no Americans want to do.” Bullshit! They’re getting paid salaries no American will accept. Legalize them all, give them amnesty and they won’t accept those salaries either.

Q: What’s the answer?
The only way we’re going to solve this problem is if the government enforces the laws that are on the books! If you are caught hiring an illegal, a person that is in this country illegally, and putting them to work in your factory, you’ll get a substantial fine. If you get caught a second time, you’re gonna really suffer! That’s the way we’ll solve the problem. Have the government require us to follow the law!

gunnymarines.gifQ: What about earning amnesty through military service?
I probably wouldn’t have any problem with the guy going into the recruiting office and volunteering to go into the military and serve this country for four years. Then he would earn the right to be an American citizen. So I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would say there’s a very high percentage of Hispanics in the Marine Corps right now, and they’re outstanding Devil Dogs. They’re fighters, they’re warriors. The military would love to have some of these guys. But I don’t see any of them volunteering. I don’t see any illegals going to the recruiting office. But I think that could be one way they earn their way to citizenship.

I don’t have a problem with people becoming American citizens. I have a problem with illegals having it handed to them. And giving them priority over other people who have gone the legal route. —Thanks, Gunny, Semper Fi!

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