Gunny talks with Sgt. Andrew Jacobson, a commander with Company C, 1st Tank Battalion. Working with director Sidney J. Furie, Gunny recently worked on a training film for the Marines’ Individual First Aid Kit (I.F.A.K.).

TW • You’re just back from the NRA Convention in St. Louis. Find anything new and noteworthy this year?

Talking to vendors and the folks I greeted in the lines for three days, I was struck by the huge interest in handguns. Personal and home protection are very much on peoples’ minds, despite the massive efforts of the liberal media to discredit law-abiding gun owners.

I’m happier than ever to be on the NRA Board, fighting the people who want to take away our Second Amendment rights.

TW • The general election is on the horizon. Who would you like to see on the Republican ticket with Romney?
This may change, but at the moment I’m very interested in South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. She stands for the kind of fiscal responsibility we need.

TW • About 900,000 military retirees, 65 and over, now find themselves being socked by an Obama administration proposal that they pay fees for their hard-earned TRICARE benefits. Is this a broken promise from Uncle Sam?

Absolutely. We should all be pissed! We were promised these benefits, for free, when we enlisted. I have been fortunate enough and haven’t needed them, but for most vets this is a slap in the face. Perhaps it can be defeated.

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Gunny talks with Sgt. Andrew Jacobson, a commander with Company C, 1st Tank Battalion.…