crw_0322.gifWhat’s your assessment on the President-elect Barack Hussein Obama victory and his position to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban and “tear down” each state’s concealed weapons laws and what can you recommend we do?
We gun owners are in big trouble. Huge trouble. Especially with a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President…they will be in charge. We will be at their mercy, and they will have their way. Plain and simple. The Libs call the shots. It’s frightening…it’s scary. If it happens, we’re going to be in for a big, long fight. If you are not an NRA member you need to think long and hard about it.

On, on the Forum, you have a great email about a 70-year-old former Marine chopper pilot in a sandwich shop in Plantation, FL, when it was robbed by two armed thugs, who started pushing the Marine toward the bathroom, and were taking his money. He pulled his own handgun, killed one robber and wounded the other. That’s a beautiful thing!

I wish I had been there to see it. In Florida you’re allowed to carry a concealed handgun. And that’s the reason there’s not much crime in Florida—and there’s not much crime in Texas. If you have the means to protect yourself, to fight back, crooks won’t mess with you, when there’s the prospect they’re suddenly going to be looking down a gun barrel. If we Americans ever lose the right to bear arms, we will lose the right to protect ourselves from the crooks and killers who will most certainly have arms and will be confidently bold.

How’s it going with your website?
We’ve had that up and running for about six or seven years. I get on there at times and see what’s going on. The forum’s fun. Everybody has an opinion about something. We don’t always agree. Plus, we’re carrying some pretty cool Gunny gear along with some autographed items. It’s worth a visit!

There was particularly interesting case on your site about Army General John Nicholson, criticizing Marine Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan. The General said they opened fire too early and bungled their mission. Later, that ruling was completely rescinded, and there’s friction between the Marines and the Army there now. Any thoughts?
That Army general needs to keep his nose out of Marine Corp business, if you put one up against the other, Army and Marines…well the Army is twice as big as the Marine Corps, has twice the equipment of the Marine Corps…and if you turned one against the other, the Marines would whip the Army. Leadership has tuned the greatest army in the world into something less than they were 40 years ago. The Army has less discipline. Plus their recruit training and their boot camp is not nearly what it was in days of old. Something’s happened to the Army. They have too many generals who think they have to be politically correct so they can run for office when they retire. And they’ve hurt the Army. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty outstanding officers in leadership as well. And the troops are motivated and willing. What is killing the Army and Marine effectiveness is poorly thought out rules of engagement coming from people with political, not combat experience.

gunny2.gifThese Marines in the Afghan controversy evidently did their duty. Their convoy was attacked, and they fought back—immediately. Right? What did that Army general expect them to do? Go talk to ’em? Negotiate a peace deal? That’s the kind of politically correct general the Army needs to get rid of before they destroy the Army. That’s the way I see it. Bye, bye Nicholson, go run for dog catcher.

What did you think of General Petraeus’ record as Commander in Iraq after he rotated out of that job a few weeks ago?
General Petraeus did a great job. I can’t find one intelligent person who has anything other than great things to say about the General, with the exception of some hardcore radical liberals. They want us to lose the war, and they have nothing but nasty things to say about the General as well as everybody else trying to win the war. But they profess to love the troops. Yeah, right! Shame on them. They’re sitting here enjoying hard-won freedom while American men and women are over there fighting in the dirt and sweat, bleeding for these people, while these people are back here just wishing we would lose the war. For political reasons! They want us to lose the war, they don’t want the Republican Party to have the honor of saying they won. It’s not about your stupid political party. Wake up and smell the roses…It’s about America!

Wasn’t the 4th of July re-enlistment ceremony General Petraeus ran at Saddam’s former Al-Faw Palace near Baghdad a stirring sight, with 1,215 soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen all raising their hands together?
That was a great scene and great day for America. Hundreds of these troops were in their second and third tours in the combat zone. General Petraeus said there was no place he’d rather spend our nation’s birthday than in Iraq. He called the troops “America’s New Greatest Generation.” How about that pizzeria in Chicago sending 2,000 pizzas over there? In some cases, in the left-wing media, the pizzas were the only thing they covered that day. Who knows best what’s going on in the Middle East, the news media or the troops actually there?

On your web site, there’s a good recruiting story there from a California newspaper, where a group of educators—72 of them from the San Francisco Bay area—went down to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at San Diego for honest-to-God simulated Boot Camp. The Marines treated them like they were recruits…giving them orders and bossing them around.
It used to be that when somebody was going to the Marine Recruiter School, and they screwed up and somebody had to make ’em pay, they would send them to recruiter duty in San Francisco. Can you imagine being on recruiter duty in San Francisco? I felt really sorry for those Marines.

On your site, there’s a sergeant, shouting at these workshop people to find a bunk. “Today, people, today!” They all liked it, they may do it again. The story points out that more than 22,000 Marine recruits began the process there last year, and 92 percent completed it. Your thoughts?
The Marines do a hell of a job with it, I tell you that. Now, 22,000, that’s the San Diego number. The Marine Corps itself is 175,000 strong. I tell everybody that right now we have trained 400,000 Iraqis, did you realize that? That’s an idea of the training job we’ve done over there. These trainees have had to take care of a country the size of California. The only thing that’s held them up over there is that they had to develop leadership. You can’t wave a magic wand and out pops a Marine captain or colonel or a general. You have to nurture those people. It takes time to train senior staff NCO’s and officers. Can’t have a successful military with all Indians and no Chiefs.

On your site it notes it’s getting harder for the Marines to find “A Few Good Women,” with the Marines marketing themselves for women in a concerted way, running ads in magazines that appeal to women.
Well, we never had any trouble before. I think they have a larger quota now than in the past. When a Marine recruiter doesn’t fill his quota, he gets a bad fitness report. It’s a tough line of duty to be in. These guys work hard. They drive long distances…they go to schools…they spend a lot of nighttime hours talking to moms and dads and sons and daughters. It’s a tough job. But they always tell the truth. They don’t lie to try to get just anybody to come in, because they want the person to be happy once they get in.

In the ads, they’re using the line, “There are no female Marines. Only Marines.” What do think on that one?
Even the Marines are sometimes trying to be as politically correct as they can. But check it out. Earn the title Marine and that’s just what you are—a Marine!

gunny.gifBut the Marines don’t train the women with the men, do they?
No! Hell no! Of course not! That would be inviting problems.

But the ads are claiming the women get the same tough training as the men. Is that what you’re getting out of it?
They don’t train the women with the men as the Army does in some cases. How can you train women Marines with men when the criteria are different? Tell one Marine to give you 10 pushups and tell the other to give you something like three? Tell one Marine to do three pull-ups or get kicked out of the Corps, then tell another to just hang on the bar? That doesn’t work, does it? If you’re going to have different standards, you have to have different training.

One young lady quoted here, joined the Marines out of high school, says, “The Marines are the toughest. They have the longest boot camp, the highest standards. The Marines want people who really want to be Marines, not just be in it for the money.”
That’s exactly right. And that’s a good thing. And I have huge respect for the Marine that said it! Oooorah Devil Dog.

With Christmas coming, what are some ideas on really useful, meaningful things to send to our troops overseas?
Well, they have PXs over there nowdays, so they can get a lot of stuff themselves. I would recommend that people don’t just start guessing and sending stuff. Correspond with the troops…ask them what they need. At different places, they need different things. One of the things they always seem to need and like are those Leatherman combination tools. And they also like those little Swiss Army Knives, the tiny ones with blade and scissors. Like the one I carry in my pocket all the time. They also have a toothpick and nail file, handy little items like those.

Is there any replacement for your “Mail Call” show?
Yes, the replacement for “Mail Call” will be a new show called “Lock and Load,” about new and interesting military gear. We finished the pilot, and last week turned the show over to The History Channel. I’m real pleased with it, and all I hear are great things about it from The History Channel. Watch for scheduling info.

Thanks, Gunny! Semper Fi!

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What’s your assessment on the President-elect Barack Hussein Obama victory and his position to reinstate…