Since the election, gun sales have been rocketing—especially “black guns.” Evidently people are afraid that we’ve got really hard times ahead with gun legislation. Is all this Obama paranoia justified?
Well, it’s only partly about Obama. It just happens to be that we’re going into a damn recession too, so people think that they have to protect themselves. Police departments are cutting back, LE agencies are cutting back, the government is tightening its belt, and people are being turned out into the streets, unemployed. The morals of people in this country have mostly gone straight to hell in the past 15 to 20 years. So people are afraid of what might happen to them when things get out of hand.

In SC they’re giving gun owners a break. They have what they call a “Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday.” There will be no sales tax on all guns purchased during that time. The governor vetoed it, but they passed it anyway.
That’s a good deal on our Second Amendment rights. Of course, people on the far left don’t think we should have that right. They don’t think we should have the right to protect ourselves is what it all comes down to.

Somebody got hold of the memo, the agreement that Obama is sending out to people applying for jobs in his administration. It asks the question: “Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun? If so, provide complete ownership and registration information.”

I don’t even know if that question is legal, but it really shows that this is going to be an anti-gun administration. They’re coming after our guns and we’re going to have to put up a fight. But, like I said before, that’s not the reason guns and ammo are selling at such a fast clip. The thing is people feel they need these guns to protect themselves. And some of them, unfortunately, may be thinking that because they’re broke and unemployed, they may need a gun to help them steal. These are dangerous people—they’re scary to think about. And, being scared is what this uptick in gun sales is all about.

General James E. Cartwright of the Marine Corps—the new Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the U.S. Military’s second highest officer— made a really important speech the other day that has gotten some coverage. He’s a former fighter pilot. He says that we’ve got to go back to basics on weapons, that we’ve been buying too many high-priced fancy weapons. “In my mind we’ve gone overboard with exquisite ships and aircraft, and that we have to get back to scale, to platforms that are adaptable and flexible.” He wants more UAVs, the unmanned aerial vehicles. What do you think of those things?

I think they’re fantastic, the wave of the future. Why should we risk a person’s life when we can just send an unmanned vehicle up there? It’s a great platform, a great weapons platform. We’ve got cameras on those things, so they’re great for collecting intelligence. Some of those UAV’s can be up there for 20 hours. They’re a lot cheaper to operate, and some can even dogfight.

That’s what General Cartwright says, and he says that the economy and future budget cuts should not be allowed to impact force quality or U.S. capabilities to operate in multi-theaters simultaneously. He said, “We are entering an era of persistent conflict, stirred by the world’s rising populations seeking shares of finite resources, such as water, energy and fertile land.”
General Cartwright is exactly right. You see, that’s the problem in this world. The world is not getting any bigger, but the population is growing very rapidly. Well, these people need to have food, they need to have water, they need jobs, and they need to have money to buy things to enjoy life…and the more people we have on this earth, the more overpopulated this earth becomes, the more likely that wars will break out.

In his speech, General Cartwright said, “In any given minute in the United States, 40 babies are born. In China it’s 160. In India it’s 280.”

Look at that. In China it’s 160, and they already have birth restrictions in place. Can you imagine if they didn’t have those government-implemented rules? We’d better wake up real quick. I’ve been preaching for the past 10 or 15 years that we’d better get control of our population, because this is going to be really evil. Because every kid that you have, down the road in 50 years, is going to equate to 10 more kids. It’s interesting to have a general, a former fighter pilot, talking openly about this subject. Saying we’re going to have to fight wars because of this stuff. It’s not politically correct, is it? That’s what I like about Marines. They don’t pull any punches.

predator.gifI’ve got an article about Combat Outpost Lowell, in the hinterlands of Afghanistan. It’s called the 4th Cav, Apache Troop, 6th Battalion, they’re in a castle over there, right in the lap of the Taliban terrorists who are looking down on them from the mountains, and have them surrounded. Their commanding officer said, “We’re a bullet sponge here.” That’s tough duty with the enemy all around, hiding in the villages, and they’re getting support from within the villages, and from Pakistan.
That’s exactly right. And we’ve got to rise to the occasion. We’ve got to do what we have to do. You find the city or town that is protecting or harboring the terrorists, and you burn the goddamned thing down! And you say to them, “OK, you assholes, if you want to pull this shit some more, we’ll burn your ass down again!” And that’s the only way you’re going to win a guerilla war. Basically it’s to snuff out the support units. And that’s what we have to do in Afghanistan, but the problem is…some people are going to get hurt, aren’t they? Well, if that’s what we’re worried about, we’ll never get the job done.

Tell me about Glock. What’s on the horizon for that company?
GLOCK’s plugging right along, concentrating on what they do best. I just love their handguns. Especially their reliability in all conditions. I do wish that they would come up with a long gun, though.

You’ve been shooting a lot of long guns, haven’t you?

I sure have. I just got back from Twenty Nine Palms the day before yesterday. We shot in a Championship Match down there.

gunnys-gun.gifDo you enjoy competing?
I love it. I love every minute of it. The people are very nice people. They’re all grass roots. They’re just great guys. However, there are so many shooters …and they’re so good, and I’m just getting back into it. My eyes are OK, and I feel like I’m coming along nicely. I’m competing against myself, and as long as I can see improvement each time I go to a match, well, then I’m a winner.
TW• What have you been shooting?
Last weekend I shot the M14A1.

If you could only have one gun for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Assuming that I would need more than a handgun if I only could have one gun, then I believe it would be the M14. It’s a .308 caliber, so you can hunt just about anything with it. You can shoot a mile with the damn thing and hit a bull’s eye that’s 20 inches. You can do just about anything with it.

One of the readers wanted to ask you this question: If you were stuck in a foxhole in battle, who would you want most to have by your side?
I’d probably want Ollie North right there. And I’d want General Cartwright.

What comes in your mind right away when I say these words: The media?

Un-truthful spin-doctors. They spin everything to meet their own needs and requirements. There’s very few media that are not extremely biased one way or the other these days.

Out there in Hollywood, are you somewhat of an outcast because of your conservative views?

Well, I don’t live in Hollywood, because I can’t stand being around most of these people. I live out in the high desert on a gravel road situation. With these people in Hollyweird…we just don’t have anything in common. And as far as being a conservative…well, I am not a conservative, I am not a liberal, I am a freethinker. And I vote for the individual who I think is going to do the best job. And it seems, lately, that the individual who is going to do this best job is on the right-hand side of things. The liberals are taking down the morals in this country…trying to take God out of everything.

I saw the first segment of your new show, Lock and Load, about the rifle, on The History Channel. It really looked good. How did it do? Is the future bright?

We had extremely high numbers, the ratings were very good, and we’re just waiting to hear from The History Channel on their intentions as far as scheduling, how many episodes they order, etc. Hopefully, we are filming new episodes starting in late January. Stay tuned.

What’s your next trip? [This interview was before the Gunny took this Middle East trip.]
We’re heading out to visit with the troops for two weeks. We’ll be visiting the troops in Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and hopefully Afghanistan. I usually don’t do the regular USO kind of things simply because they don’t always go where I need to go. But this trip is with the Naval Department of Morale and Welfare. I put on the uniform, and the flak jacket, and the helmet, and I jump into a Humvee, or helicopter, and I go out where the troops are, out in the field, in the War Zone. Of course, I understand why you can’t take Tom Hanks out into a combat zone. They have to keep the celebrities in the rear with the gear, in the Green Zone. With me…if the bad guys were gonna get me, hell, they would have gotten me a long time ago. This will be my fourth trip over. There’s nothing like getting up on the hood of a Humvee and getting the troops in a semicircle around me, and getting them to laugh at my corny jokes.

You’ll go “outside the wire” won’t you?
Absolutely. That’s the only way I’ll do it. It’s as much for my benefit as it is for the troops. I beat my brains out for a long time trying to figure out how I can pull my share of the load. Now I’m a little too old to charge up the hill at high port and take on the bad guys. But I can still get up the hill, only I need to sit down and take a break before I try to kill the bad guys. So this is the best way that I can pull my share of the war effort. And you’d be surprised by how many people there are in Hollywood who would like to be going with me. The problem is that many of them are afraid to speak out, because the liberals are the ones that own everything and do all the hiring.

We’ll look forward to hearing about the trip in our next issue. Many thanks.
Semper Fi!

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