gunny1TW: What about the Oakland, CA, pharmacist facing murder charges for defending himself against two teens robbing his store at gunpoint?
That man was recently a guest on The O’Reilly Factor, and he explained himself. These two armed bandits were holding up his little shop in Oakland. They had hoods over their heads. He couldn’t see if they were 12 or 30. All he knew was that they were brandishing guns and they were going to kill him and his two employees. He pulled a gun and shot it out with the crooks. He shot one, and then he ran out and chased the other one away. Now when he came back into the store, he could hear his employees—a mother and her daughter. They had ducked down, trying to hide. And he could hear the mother calling out to the daughter over and over that she was sorry. He thought right then that this gunman had shot the little girl. The guy was trying to get up. So the pharmacist ran over and got his other gun, even though he’s a cripple himself. He had just had spinal surgery about six weeks before. The gunman was trying to get up, and so as long as he was trying to get up, the pharmacist was shooting. Because he was terrified that if this guy got up, it was over for him and his employees. So he took care of him. I probably would have shot the gunman just one more time. But the pharmacist got “buck fever.”  He shot him until the gun was empty. I figure that if you pull a gun on people, and try to rob people, you’re getting what you deserve when they shoot back. That’s the American Way, buddy.   Come arm rob me and see how many times you get shot!

The enemy is your enemy until he’s dead! This man made sure that the enemy who was trying to kill him was dead.

TW: Were you watching the news when Air Force One made headlines?
That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Flying so low over the city that had suffered 9/11. These are people who are supposed to be bright. This fiasco costs something over 200 grand. At a time when the country is damn near bankrupt! I hope the idiots at least got the shot! You know, I don’t like any of the people in the government any more. They’re all a bunch of nitwits. Like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Good God!

TW: What about Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor?
There’s another one. Open mouth and insert foot, right? Because that’s what she did with her racial comments. And Obama came on and said, “Well, if she could take those words back and rephrase it, I’m sure she would.” Well, no shit! She’s having her feet held to the fire right now—of course she would change her words if she could. My thoughts are that when people say things like that, they mean them. Also, she sided against the firefighters in Connecticut. They took the tests for promotion, and they studied hard and got good scores. But a couple of black firefighters didn’t get good scores, so what did they do? They threw out the tests! And there was a Hispanic there who did quite well. He and the whites. So she sided against a fellow Hispanic. So I just don’t know about this lady. I’m going to have to hear a little bit more about her. I remain skeptical.

TW: In Afghanistan, the top com­­­m­­ander, Gen. David McKiernan, has been sacked after about half a tour. His replacement is Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, a former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command. He served in Afghanistan in ’01 and ’02 and recently ran special operations in Iraq. Is this a shift to the kind of approach you favor for Afghanistan? More special operations?
Absolutely! I still remain steadfast in my thoughts that the only way we’re going to win this war in Pakistan and Afghanistan is through intelligence. We need to have people who look like Afghanis and Pakistanis,  that we can infiltrate into the local neighborhoods that the Al-Qaeda come down from the mountains to, for their logistic needs. If intel can tell me when they’re coming, I’ll be there to kill them!

TW: Secretary of Defense Gates said, “Fresh eyes were needed.”
As far as I’m concerned, the Obama administration has known nothing about what they’re doing as far as the war goes. And it’s just a damn shame.  But they are sticking to it. I’ll say that!  And just as long as they’re sticking to it, I’m behind them 100 percent. We can’t just quit! But it’s got to be thought out. It has to be unconventional now, because of the wars we’re fighting. And if you don’t do something to the people who support the terrorists, they will continue their operations, and we will lose the damn war. I hope Gates gets it right!

TW: Lately the Pakistan forces have been launching offensive ops, and they’ve been killing a lot of the Taliban.
Good, but local forces still aren’t doing enough. I see in the news today that the Al-Qaeda kidnapped something like 60 people in Pakistan. They were school children and teachers. Several bus-loads of school children. Now, this is bad! This is really bad. How do you fight that?  You can’t go in and bomb their headquarters, because the kids are in there. And American do-gooders are worried that Al-Qaeda might not be pampered enough at Gitmo.  We seem to be having a big problem right now deciding where we’re going to put those people who are in Guantanamo Bay. Do you think that Obama is wishing he’d never made the whole Guantanamo prisoner thing such an issue? I can tell you it’s one of the dumbest things Obama has done so far. Basically, it was a campaign promise. And once he got in there, he felt compelled to come forth and be truthful on his campaign promise.  But if that’s the case, there are many others that he didn’t come through for us on. And I’m thinking that he’s spending us into bankruptcy.

TW: What About North Korea?
President Obama had damn sure better start being worried about North Korea. Because North Korea is gearing up right now.  They’ve got rockets that will reach Hawaii. It’s really difficult to judge what North Korea’s going to do. Kim Jong-il is totally whacko. I mean…why would that little country claim they’re going nuclear to protect themselves? Protect themselves from who? The big bad wolf? I mean, nobody wants that screwed-up little country that is bordered by the ocean on one side, China on the other side, and South Korea on the other. Maybe what it is…is that North Korea is just hoping we’ll attack ’em, so that we will eventually rebuild them and give them a whole bunch of money. The thing is, you can’t prejudge this nut. That country is so secretive. He kidnapped a couple of reporters and held them prisoner just recently. You can’t predict what a madman’s next move will be.  Get this funny looking little man back on his meds!

TW: If we got into a ground war fight with them, could we handle that OK?
Oh, good Lord, we’d take ’em out in about one day! They have no weapons—decent weapons—to fight with.  We would just walk right through those people over there. The people are kept in the dark. They’re like babies—innocent children. The North Koreans actually think Kim’s a God.

TW: We’re probably afraid that the Chinese might come in.
Well, that’s the problem. We pretty much need to leave it up to China to take care of them, or South Korea. So I really think that our hands are tied. I don’t know what Obama is thinking of doing. But I did hear the Secretary of Defense talking some pretty serious stuff. And I just don’t know what the hell we’re going to do. I’m sure we wouldn’t go in there and bomb them. Because mainland China would be really pissed. The U.N. is a total waste of time in this matter…as usual!

TW: What is all this wringing of the hands liberals do over our so-called “international images.”  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?
You know, I can’t figure it out. Except I honestly believe that they, the liberals, think that if we’re real nice to everybody, that everybody will be real nice to us. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We learned that thinking in the Marine Corps too. Only we had, “Do unto others as they would do unto you. Only do it first, do it fast and do it hard!”

TW: A good thing for shooters and gun owners was the bill authorizing guns in National Parks,  signed by the President, pushed through with the stimulus packages. You’re going to be able to carry in National Parks. But it’s confusing over which states have jurisdiction.
Texas has a right-to-carry law. All you have to do is apply at the courthouse to receive your license. You know, when they started doing that, crime went down about 85 percent overnight! Now isn’t that amazing. And now here are the liberals screaming that guns cause crime. Well, sorry, but if the bad guys think that the good guys have a gun, they’ll leave the good guys alone. And there would be no crime. Wouldn’t it be great if the slow learners in California could pick up on that concept?

TW: In shooting your new Lock N’ Load TV show, is there anything new and exciting about the military?
A lot. For example, we just did a show on a UAV.  That’s an “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.”  We went to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland to see them operate this unmanned helicopter. They’re going to operate these things off of Navy vessels, and they think this is going to be a really good weapon against the Somali pirates. The thing has a range of 100 miles and can be airborne eight hours. The captain of the ship sends this thing out, and it cruises around out there, sending back real-time pictures to the captain. This thing is very stealthy, you don’t even know it’s there until it’s right on top of you. But, it can see you from about 10 miles away. My crew and I went out into the Chesapeake Bay, and they sent the helicopter out looking for us. It found us so fast, and we didn’t even know it was there. All these UAVs, like the Predator UAV plane, are clearly the way of the future. Why isn’t it protecting the U.S. Mexico boarder? Too logical for our humble government to figure out I guess.

TW: Will Lock N’ Load be as good as Mail Call?
It’s going to be 10 times better than Mail Call ever thought about being, and I was real proud of Mail Call.  I’ve been getting more humor into this show, because The History Channel has sort of eased up. You know, the first show that we did, the first email I got from The History Channel was, “Gunnery Sergeant Ermey, this is The History Channel, not The Comedy Channel.”  “Then you should have hired Ollie North!”  I told them. I haven’t seen Ollie around, so I guess my job security is intact.

Thanks, Gunny.
Semper Fi!

Editor’s note: As this issue was heading to press, we found out that Gunny’s Lock N’ Load show will premier on Friday, July 31. Please check your local listings for air times.

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