The Mag Magnet™ is a polymer button that magnetically attaches to a Bullet Button™. It is a convenient tool for AR-15 rifle owners to re-load their magazine, while ensuring compliance with California laws. The Mag Magnet is not permanent, can be easily removed, and requires no modifications to the Bullet Button equipped firearm.

In California, The Mag Magnet should always be removed from the gun when not in use in order to ensure the legal operation of an AR-15 rile in California State. Using it only as a tool for the moment you need to release your magazine and then re-dock the mag manget on the docking station provided. For California AR-15 owners who travel out of state, The Mag Magnet also allows them to carry their gun, without the need to modify it.

The Mag Magnet™ is patent pending. The California Department of Justice has not approved or disapproved this product.

Key Features & Benefits

• Fits the California Bullet Button
• Includes a convenient storage pin for The Mag Magnet, when not in use
• Has a durable polymer construction
• Is easy to install and remove
• Magnet holds in place

Usage Guidelines

The Mag Magnet can be installed and left on the firearm if it is:
• A designated upper .22LR rimfire
• A featureless build with no other evil features such as a pistol grip, flash suppressor, vertical fore grip, flare, collapsible or folding stock, thumbhole stock, or bayonet
• Outside California state
• An “assault weapon” registered with the CA DOJ


• Price: $22.00

• Color Availability: Black, Red, Green and Blue

Where to Buy: The Mag Magnet can be purchased online at

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