As this issue of TW is going to press, the images on the TV and web news-sites are disturbingly like those of the 50’s and 60’s Cold War era: Russian tanks thundering through the streets of a neighboring country, Georgia this time, smashing and shooting everything in their paths, including civilians. Not tanks from the old U.S.S.R., Soviet Russia (which is dead), but from the new Russia, a so-called friendly, modern nation.

Looks like the dreaded Russian “Bear” is back. Sounds like real trouble ahead for NATO and its committed nations. Some of them, like Poland and Czech Republic, lived in Soviet Russian chains during the old years of occupation. You can imagine what the images of the “new” Russia and its tanks and bombs blasting Georgians were like to these people. One doubts that they will easily go back to Russian slavery, if indeed that is part of the “new” Russia’s intentions.

All this to worry about—as if we don’t already have our plate full with Iraq, Afghanistan, the threats of terrorists, and the 24/7 job of protecting our citizens from society’s predators and madmen. Men and women in uniform, military and law enforcement, face awesome challenges today, but things are far, far different than the Cold War days when the U.S.S.R.’s tanks were moving. Back then, in the pre-Berlin-Crisis days of the early 60’s, critics were often taking potshots at our military readiness state. One typical cartoon showed a young GI in sitting on his bunk, writing a letter. The caption read, “Dear Mom and Dad. Time for some letter-writing from the barracks today. We were supposed to start Survival Training but it’s raining.”

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? The hard fact is that military and law enforcement readiness cannot be made to look ridiculous—ever again! There’s just too much at stake, and only the highest levels of commitment, training and readiness will keep our country safe.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re getting, and if you need some hard evidence to convince you of that fact, the pages ahead might help your cause.

For openers, you might take a look at “Frontline Firepower,” on the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, the 7.62mm tack-driver, providing rapid firepower for Designated Marksmen in Army, Navy and Marine units. Then check out “Guns of the Elite,” which is a look into the Spec Ops Weaponry of the U.S. Special Forces.

Our law enforcement readiness features include an illuminating visit with the crime-fighters of the Greenwood, IN, P.D., their tactics and gear for countering the mugs coming their way from nearby Indy’s mean streets. Other agency features include the “Multi-Mission Responders” of the U.S. Customs Border Patrol Special Response Team, whose members train 24/7 in the desert and mountains around Tucson. “Perfect Storms” profiles Maryland state troopers upgrading to the Beretta Px4 .40 S&W “Storm.” Instruction and training includes tactics for plucking downed officers from the Kill Zone during a fight.

The on-going battle against terrorist threats include officers taking on terrorists in planes at 35,000 feet, and a look at the Border Patrol’s less-lethal FN-303 Launcher System, which stops mobs at long range.

Our spotlight on new, high-tech weaponry focuses on a complete roundup of robotic sky weapons, and tactical entry radar vision devices that “see” through walls; “Manstopper Flashlights;” and a complete roundup of the latest handgun holsters. And, of course, “Gunny” is on board, this time with some well-chosen words for certain Supreme Court judges he feels are letting America down.

Check it all out. But don’t miss your training. We need you out there!

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As this issue of TW is going to press, the images on the TV…