PISTOL LEASH™ is made in the USA and is currently used by various Military and Law Enforcement Agencies in America and around the world.

Law Enforcement / Military
From the cop on the beat to Special Forces in harms way, the PISITOL LEASH™ protects your sidearm in the most extreme conditions.

Contractor / Tradesman
Whether it’s connected to your flashlight or your cordless drill PISTOL LEASH™ is an inexpensive insurance policy for your equipment.

Hunter / Outdoorsman
Active sportsmen will find multiple uses for the PISTOL LEASH™ attaching to flashlights, radios, GPS systems, multipurpose tools and knives.

Handheld PDA/Electronics
No Matter where you look, no matter what industry, the use of handheld computers are everywhere. PISTOL LEASH™will reduce damaged and lost handheld equipment.

Product Features
*  The safest way to secure your sidearm or equipment and still be operational
* Patented slide bar allows deployment of weapon with no interference.
* United States Patent number US 6,427,373 B1
* Only lanyard possessing this patented quality system
* Retractable coil stretches to accommodate any firing position
* Available in Black and Khaki

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PISTOL LEASH™ is made in the USA and is currently used by various Military…