TacWedge™ is a solution for securing a door in either the closed or open position. There are two methods of installation, one is extremely aggressive and semi-permanent (with some mildly adverse side effects, like having to smash the device to remove it) while the other is softly placed and easily removable.

For maximum security, jamming TacWedge under a door positively locks the door with its patent-pending dual leaf-spring tension effect digging four hardened steel spikes into the floor surface. No other “door stop” can gain purchase on slick surfaces like linoleum, marble or polished concrete, but Tac-Wedge is so aggressive that it bites into the floor, actually leaving divots in concrete. Once shoved, kicked or stomped into place, the only way to quickly remove Tac-Wedge is to destroy it.

Alternatively, Tac-Wedge™ can be quickly inserted into the crack of an open door with its patent-pending Hinge Wedge™ that’s shaped precisely to fit and hold the door open. Tac-Wedge™ won’t fall out if the door is bumped or jarred thanks to our ambidextrous Hinge Locks™.

* Hardened steel spikes bite into even the slickest floor.
* Dual leaf spring pressure jams the blade under the door.
* Saw-Tooth Wedge Blade
* Spike Foot
* Hinge Lock Cut-Outs
* Carbiner Attachment
* Secures avenues of ingress and egress: Keeps closed doors closed, open doors open.
* MSRP $19.95

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