With its optional remote console, the RangIR can be used by a sniper instructor or spotter to analyze and assess the sniper’s performance or control the target selection.

Most snipers have a primary goal: engage and eliminate targets at a range and in a set of conditions that makes the enemy demoralize and keeps his comrades safe. For many years “we own the night” reflected the edge that advanced Night Vision Devices (NVD) gave our warriors. At night, foes with less advanced NVDs could barely move. For the last ten years, the new autogating tubes have given the allied infantry an unprecedented mobility during the night, even high-speed driving is now possible, and safe, with binoculars such as the 50/50. But while mobility is possible at night… what about target acquisition?

In the 21st century and the new 360-degree asymmetric scenarios, with very restrictive rules of engagement, finding a target is not enough. You have to positively identify the threat and ask for green light to engage. In remote areas and low light conditions NVD’s are limited in their range performance. Considering the image noise without any background illumination, it is very hard to tell if it is a woman wearing a burka or a man with a lungee turban. And it is close to impossible to do it at a range where you can make use of the superior ballistic distance capacity of your .338 or .50 sniper system in accordance with your Rules of Engagement.

On a sniper rifle, the RangIR allows day and night engagements to the maximum range of any sniper rifle, even the .50 BMG. The targets are deprived of the advantage of camouflage.

To make matters worse, the enemy has learned these shortcomings and uses them to their advantage, always surrounding themselves with non-combatants. Because of this situation, technology has once again come to the rescue, so the sniper can regain distance capability at night.

RangIR with Dual FoV Optics on a German M82:
Designed for Observation and Automatic Ballistic Targeting you save a 2nd Long Range “Spotter” Thermal compared to a single narrow FOV Clip-On sight, which presents a lack of situational awareness.

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With its optional remote console, the RangIR can be used by a sniper instructor…