The Tikka T3 Scout CTR, shown here with a Vortex Viper 4-16x50mm scope, rear monopod and Harris bipod, is a compact and capable tactical precision rifle.

Law enforcement officers are required to fill a wide variety of positions. Most officers are only required to qualify on their sidearm and a patrol carbine. Some officers, however, mostly those assigned to SWAT, are also required to qualify on the weapons they carry for those special assignments as well. The qualifications to become a SWAT sharpshooter vary greatly from department to department. The only constant across the broad spectrum of sharpshooter employment is that, should the operator ever have to shoot in the line of duty, he must have total and complete confidence in his equipment and his abilities.

A sharpshooter’s most effective and enduring confidence comes from hours behind the gun in training.
Only with a substantial investment of time and effort does a sharpshooter gain the attributes and abilities required to perform this most demanding mission. With training, he will come to know his capabilities and limitations. Most of these limitations will come from us, the individual. However, there are equipment-imposed limitations that we must also consider.

The action of the T3 CTR features a double-lugged bolt with an extremely short throw. An ambidextrous safety is located in the tang position.

Rifle selection is a prime consideration for today’s sharpshooter. Putting a scope on a bolt-action rifle doesn’t mean it’s capable of the accuracy required for a sharpshooter rifle. Of all the manufacturers making bolt-action rifles today, there is only one I know of that guarantees 1-MOA accuracy at 100 yards with any factory ammunition: Tikka. Owned by Beretta, they make some of the finest hunting and tactical rifles available today. The rifle featured here is their Scout CTR (Compact Tactical Rifle) model, an excellent choice for today’s LE sharpshooter.

The CTR’s synthetic stock employs a high comb for ease of scope use. The addition of a folding rear monopod further enhances stability.

The receiver of the T3 CTR features an integrated strip of Picatinny rail, making mounting a scope on the rifle a breeze.

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The Tikka T3 Scout CTR, shown here with a Vortex Viper 4-16x50mm scope, rear…