TMT is a manufacturer of high-end quality wallets that are designed for extreme conditions on land, sea and air. Each wallet is precision machined and assembled by Toner Machining Technologies in Morganton, North Carolina.

We currently offer two models of our Patent Pending designed wallets, the TMT – H20 Sports Wallet and the TMT – Tactical Wallet. Both models come equipped with a built in compass, ink pen, tweezers, tooth pick, carbide glass breaker and they are o-ringed sealed to prevent water, sand, dirt or dust from entering the interior of the wallet. Each wallet also has removable stainless steel money & credit card clips, as well as two hidden secret interior compartments for medication, fishing flies, I-Pod, small Pocketknives and other items.

Whether you chose the H20 or Tactical wallet, both models will give you the ultimate in credit card information protection by actually blocking your personal information from the theft of RFID type scanning devises.


The “TMT- H20 Sport Wallet” is precision CNC machined from Delrin plastic. This wallet is designed to be very strong, light, water tight and float. It is also designed to be comfortable to carry in your back or front pocket, or it can be attached to a lanyard and worn around your neck or belt loop. The H20 Sport Wallet is the perfect wallet for people that enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating and all other types of sports or events where your wallet and its belongings could become wet or lost in water.

Our premier “TMT-Tactical Wallet” is precision CNC machined from solid billet 6061-T6 Aluminum that is hard coat anodized for extreme wear, durability and appearance. The Tactical wallet offers the same great features as the H20 Sports Wallet, but it’s durability, versatility, and sleek appearance make it an excellent choice for motorcyclists, military personnel, policemen or individuals that enjoy high end quality products.


All of these features and more make TMT Wallets one of the most high tech and functional wallets in the world. For more information about our products please contact us.

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TMT is a manufacturer of high-end quality wallets that are designed for extreme conditions…