Top 10 Beretta ARX100 Features
Top 10 Beretta ARX100 Features

Clearly a design of the 21st century, the new ARX100 in 5.56mm NATO from Beretta USA delivers futuristic firepower with modular design cues. It has all the qualities military and police personnel require, and that civilians should consider for protecting themselves and their loved ones. Read on to find out more.

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1.     The ARX100’s quick-change barrel system allows users to quickly swap out the affixed barrel for one with a different length and/or attached muzzle device.


2.     The fully ambidextrous controls allow a wide variety of shooters to easily employ the carbine.


3.     Additionally, ejection can be changed from right- to left-hand side with the press of a crossbolt pin. This makes it easier to left-handed shooters to get behind the rifle.


4.     The standard AR-15/M16-pattern threaded muzzle allows for the use of a wide variety of accessories, as well as the standard A2-pattern flash suppressor that comes equipped with the ARX100.


5.     The collapsible/folding stock assembly offers both compact length for storage and is easily adaptable length of pull. Again, this is another modular enhancement that allows the carbine to comfortably fit a wider range of users.


6.     The standardized AR-15/M16 magazine system makes the rifle highly compatible with complementary .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO weapon systems.


Top 10 Beretta ARX100 Features - Long-Stroke Piston Operating System
Top 10 Beretta ARX100 Features – Long-Stroke Piston Operating System

7.     The ARX100’s long-stroke piston operating system offers extreme reliability in very adverse conditions. It also means the system runs cooler and cleaner than traditional direct gas impingement systems.


Top 10 Beretta ARX100 Features - Lightweight Polymer
Top 10 Beretta ARX100 Features – Lightweight Polymer

8.     The extensive use of polymers in the construction of the rifle ensures it is extremely lightweight — always a consideration for military and LE operators — as well as durable.


9.     Multiple strips of Picatinny rail make the ARX100 easy to adapt to optical, laser and light systems.


10.  The included polymer, folding front and rear sights offer users a backup targeting system to their preferred optical choice.

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