CMMG Mk3 CBR top 10 lead
Top 10 Features of the CMMG Mk3 CBR in 7.62mm NATO

The most popular long gun in law enforcement circles is the patrol carbine, almost exclusively in 5.56mm NATO. But “barricade-busting” 7.62mm NATO ARs have a place as well.

The CMMG Mk3 Carbine Battle Rifle (CBR) is an excellent package setup perfectly for defeating barricades, CQB work and taking extended distance shots. Here are some of its top features.

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1. The extra power of the CBR’s .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO chambering provides the extra punch LEO and SWAT operators need.

2. The Mk3 CBR has a highly maneuverable, 16-inch, 416 stainless steel barrel that is nitrided for wear protection and discreetness.

3. Recommended by Geissele for law enforcement work, the CBR features a Geissele 2-Stage Trigger, which is the semi-auto-only version of a select-fire trigger made for USSOCOM. It is factory set at approximately 4.5 pounds.

4. The CBR’s shorter barrel gives up nothing in terms of performance or accuracy at practical distances, compared to longer ones.

5. The upper and lower receivers are machined from billets of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, providing an enhanced fit, an integral triggerguard and a flared magazine well for faster reloads.

6. The medium-profile barrel has 1-in-10-inch twist rate to work well with almost any bullet weight, and the muzzle wears CMMG’s own effective SV muzzle brake, which will provide extra recoil control.

7. The trim, smooth exterior of CMMG’s RKM15 KeyMod handguard will greatly reduce the propensity for snagging on gear and items many rail systems have.

8. Using Magpul’s furniture, including MOE pistol grip and ACS-L buttstock, gives the CBR a great feel with adjustability for officers of various statures. Snap the stock fully forward and the 36-inch overall length is even more maneuverable.

9. The CBR’s bolt is machined from 9310 steel, with 8620 steel in the carrier, and an extractor of hardened S7 tool steel for increased durability.

10. The KeyMod feature of the RKM15 handguards makes it quick and easy to add rails and accessories (lights, lasers, vertical grips, etc.) where needed and none where they are not.

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