The U.S. military still authorizes three shotguns, including the pump-action Mossberg 590A1. This powerhouse 12 gauge is also a popular choice for law enforcement officers, particularly because of the durability enhancements that the military required to bring the 590 to the 590A1, including a heavier-walled barrel and aluminum alloy parts.

I recently got my hands on a Mossberg 590A1 Special Purpose with a Kryptek Typhon camo finish, and after testing it on the range, I have 10 reasons why you should consider trying it out.

  1. The shotgun has a thumb-operated safety located on the tang, meaning officers can operate it quickly with either hand.
  2. The shotgun’s durable base finishes (black hardcoat anodizing and manganese phosphating) means the 590A1 will stand up to the rough treatment.
  3. The 590A1’s triggerguard is large enough for glove use.
  4. The polymer furniture is durable, and the grooved forend provides excellent traction.
  5. The sights on the 590A1, with a ghost-ring rear sight and a front ramp with a blaze orange stripe, work well in reduced lighting.
  6. The tolerances of the 590A1 are generous enough that dirt and a lack of cleaning should have no effect on its reliability.
  7. With the 590A1’s magazine tube’s design, the spring and follower can be removed easily for cleaning and a magazine extension can be added.
  8. The heavy barrel and aluminum alloy safety and triggerguard add to the 590A1’s long-term durability.
  9. Kryptek Typhon camouflage works great in breaking up the lines of the Mossberg in reduced light.
  10. A shotgun covered in Kryptek Typhon is extremely stylish and cool looking while being very durable.

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