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Top 10 Features of the High Standard MOE Enforcer

With today’s generation of law enforcement officers being so familiar with the M4 Carbine from military experience and on the job, it is no wonder that it has become “the” carbine of choice. High Standard’s MOE Enforcer is an excellent rendition of the M4.

Ergonomic, reliable, effective and priced to make it easier for the men and women in blue to be well armed, the High Standard MOE Enforcer could be just the ticket for your department or agency. Here are the top 10 features that make the MOE Enforcer ideal for patrol duty.


1. Because of its traditional AR controls, the High Standard MOE Enforcer will immediately feel right at home in an officer’s hands. There’s no need for familiarization training.

2. For those who find the standard M4 furniture less than optimal, which includes most LEOs, High Standard’s offering has plenty of Magpul MOE gear.

3. Even though LE countersniper shots are typically fired at distances less than 50 yards, the MOE Enforcer’s accuracy will provide the comfort an officer needs if a longer shot is required.

4. The MOE Enforcer comes with backup sights already installed should optical sights go down, including the A2 front and Magpul MBUS rear.

5. The carbine offers several sling mounting optics, including a front sling swivel, an ambidextrous single-point sling connection at the rear of the lower receiver and sling slots in the MOE stock.

6. The USGI-profile, 16-inch barrel features hard chrome lining and a 1-in-7-inch twist rate for better corrosion resistance and accuracy across a wide range of bullet weights.

7. M4 feed ramps are included, increasing feeding reliability for harsh conditions.

8. The A2 flash suppressor significantly reduces muzzle flash.

9. Using a fixed sight tower means officers can do anything needed without fear damaging the sight.

10. The Magpul enhanced triggerguard allows officers to shoot in the cold without removing their gloves.

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