MILTAC Alpha AR Carbine evergreen lead

The qualities needed for a good patrol rifle are simple: top-notch reliability, accuracy and adaptability. These qualities are abundant in the MILTAC Alpha AR carbine in a 5.56mm — a gun that’s ready for hard use right out of the box.

Here’s a look at its 10 best features:


1. The muzzle features 1/2×28 threading for suppressor use and comes equipped with an effective Smith Enterprise Vortex flash suppressor, which will help preserve night vision.

2. The 16-inch, chrome-lined barrel is made of 4140 chrome-moly-vanadium steel. It features a 1-in-7-inch twist rate, a 5.56mm NATO chamber and M4 feed ramps for enhanced reliability.

3. The MILTAC-designed, 13-inch-long Sierra Tango Rail (STR) handguard is lightweight, trim enough to work well with officers of all sizes and has plenty of lightening cuts to help dissipate barrel heat.

4. For improved accuracy, Alpha receivers are machined as a pair for tighter tolerances.

5. The lower receiver has a few special touches, including a flared magazine well and an integral, enlarged triggerguard. The flared magazine well helps speed up reloads, the enlarged triggerguard works well with heavy patrol gloves.

6. The Geissele 2-Stage trigger is a highly functional trigger with no adjustments, which means it will feel the same each time an officer uses the rifle.

7. The rifle’s Cerakote finish can stand up miles of abuse, banging around in a patrol unit.

8. Reliability is critical for LEO weapons, making MILTAC’s use of the EXO Fail Zero nickel-boron-coated bolt/carrier group an excellent decision.

9. Shooters can add short Picatinny rail sections to the STR handguard where needed, leaving the forend streamlined but still ready to accept accessories.

10. The rifle features a few Magpul upgrades, including the ACS-L stock, MIAD grip and 30-round PMAG, all of which will meet the demanding needs of LEOs.

To learn more about the MILTAC Alpha and how it performed on the range, keep your eyes peeled for a full review in an upcoming issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. To subscribe, visit

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