Primary Weapons Systems, or PWS, has an enviable reputation for producing some of the highest-quality firearms on the market. The company came to prominence by producing piston-driven ARs that combined the accuracy of the AR platform with the AK’s reliability.

Recently the company expanded its lineup to include the “Modern Musket” series of direct-impingement rifles—the DI-14 and the DI-16—for American shooters who prefer the direct impingement operating system. Read on to learn more about why the DI-14 is a great choice for today’s law enforcement officers.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 1
Lucid HD7 red-dot sight

1. The PWS DI-14 arrives ready to go to work with a Lucid HD7 red-dot sight already installed.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 2
Isonite QPQ treated barrels

2. The barrels on all Modern Musket rifles are machined in house from chrome-moly steel and then given an Isonite QPQ treatment that makes them more durable and corrosion resistant, requiring less maintenance.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 3
The KeyMod attachment system

3. The KeyMod attachment system used on the Modern Musket handguard lightens the weapon system and makes adding accessories simple and quick.

Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 4
Magpul MOE components

4. The DI-14 is outfitted with proven Magpul MOE components, including the buttstock, pistol grip and enlarged triggerguard.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 5
Triad 556 flash suppressor

5. PWS adds its effective Triad 556 flash suppressor, which reduces muzzle flash and provides muzzle control for faster LEO follow-up shots.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 6
Modern Musket handguard mates

6. The Modern Musket handguard mates with the flattop upper receiver to provide lots of acreage for an officer to mount optics or traditional sights.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 7
ALG Defense Quality Mil-Spec (QMS) trigger

7. The rifle comes with an ALG Defense Quality Mil-Spec (QMS) trigger, which has a mil-spec pull weight for improved safety, but is smoother for enhanced accuracy on near and far targets.

Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 8
Bolt carrier weight

8. The increased weight of PWS’ DI enhanced bolt carrier extends the dwell time, allowing chamber pressure to be reduced for easier extraction, which equates to improved reliability during armed confrontations.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 9
Gaps and channels

9. More reliability improvements include the gaps and channels between the skid pads on the PWS bolt carrier that produce less friction and debris buildup.


Top 10 Primary Weapons Systems DI-14 10

10. The DI-14 weighs only 6.4 pounds, which translates to a highly maneuverable carbine.

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