Ruger LCRx lead
Ruger LCRx

When it comes down to it, the humble backup gun can mean the difference between life and death. Although every piece of gear on a cop’s belt is important, this is the one that is, by design, a last-ditch survival tool. As a result, they must be compact and reliable. And the tried-and-true revolver fits this role extremely well. One of the newest options in this category is the Ruger LCRx in .38 Special, offering the light weight and good performance of the LCR series combined with an exposed hammer. Read on to see the top 10 attributes of this handy little weapon.

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1. The exposed hammer of the LCRx sets it apart from its LCR siblings. This offers LEOs the option of thumb-cocking the hammer for a precise single-action shot if the situation calls for it.


2. The LCRx packs five rounds of .38 Special +P firepower for the ultimate in LE backup gun capability.


3. The stubby, 1.88-inch, stainless steel barrel makes concealing the gun extremely easy. Note the lightweight aluminum shroud.


4. The cylinder release button is located at the rear of the cylinder on the left side of the frame, and it’s very easy to engage.


5. A hand-filling soft grip ensures that the shooter maintains complete control of the LCRx during firing, and that perceived recoil is minimized as much as possible.


6. The front sight of the LCRx is a sturdy ramped post that is serrated to minimize glare and enhance the sight picture.


7. The rear sight is a simple notch that is made of an integral channel along the topstrap of the handy little revolver.


8. Housed inside the generously sized triggerguard is a sturdy double-action trigger capable of both cocking and releasing the hammer to fire.


9. The ejector rod has a protective housing in the underlug under the barrel, and it can effectively kick out spent casings during a reload.


10. To keep weight to a minimum, the upper housing is made of aluminum and is mated to a lightweight polymer grip frame.


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