Sig Sauer SIG556xi lead
The Sig Sauer SIG556xi.

Building on the strengths of the SIG550 series of Swiss military rifles, as well as those of the later SIG556 series here in the United States, the new SIG556xi from Sig Sauer takes the platform solidly into the 21st century.

The rifle is modular, mission-configurable and multi-caliber, making it ideally suited for a wide variety of missions.

Read on to find out about some of its top features.

Sig Sauer SIG556xi full
The Sig Sauer SIG556xi.

1. The heart of the SIG556xi is its proven gas piston operating system, featuring an adjustable regulator and extreme reliability as well as durability.


2. The SIG556xi also features a crisp and highly shootable two-stage trigger, ideal for both military and LE applications.


3. The SIG556xi’s ambidextrous controls allow for an officer to fire the carbine from either shoulder quickly and easily, allowing for greater tactical flexibility.


4. A highly ergonomic pistol grip is included with SIG556xi, offering enhanced control and handling characteristics for the carbine.


5. The threaded muzzle of the SIG556xi can accept a wide range of accessories such as muzzle brakes, flash suppressors and silencers.


6. The highly ergonomic stock of the SIG556xi features an adjustable cheek riser for employing red-dot sights or optics on the carbine.


7. The stock of the carbine is also foldable for simplified storage as well as discreet portability. The SIG556xi can also accept a variety of different stock types, be they fixed, collapsible or folding, making the carbine highly adaptable.


8. The SIG556xi also can accept a variety of forend systems, allowing officers to go from a smooth forend to a quad-rail without tools.


9. The upper (rather than the lower) receiver of the SIG556xi is serialized, meaning the lower receiver can be more easily and affordably swapped out. This allows officers to more easily facilitate moves between configurations for different missions.


10. The flattop upper of the rifle features a full-length strip of Picatinny rail for affixing a wide range of optics or sights to the carbine.

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