Newly introduced by Weatherby, the PA-459 TR 8-Shot pump-action shotgun is built for law enforcement duty.

From the synthetic pistol-grip stock to the interchangeable choke system, the PA-459 TR has features galore — features that every law enforcement agency should consider closely. Check out the top 10 features in the gallery above.

  1. Weatherby includes an extended magazine tube with the PA-459 TR 8-Shot, making it easy to hold seven 2¾ -inch shells in the tube and one in the chamber.
  2. The shotgun weighs only 6.5 pounds unloaded, making it easy to carry all day long for extended missions.
  3. The cushiony pistol grip on the PA-459 TR helps mitigate felt recoil and makes it easy to control the shotgun.
  4. Weatherby ships the shotgun with ready-to-go sights, including a fiber-optic front and a ghost-ring rear sight.
  5. The receiver sports a top rail for quickly mounting a red-dot sight.
  6. The enlarged bolt release is easy to operate, even while wearing gloves or under stress.
  7. With its 13.5-inch length of pull and cushiony buttpad, the PA-459 TR 8-Shot has less felt recoil and works well with body armor.
  8. Sling swivel studs included in the PA-459 8-Shot package make adding a sling a snap.
  9. The screw-in cylinder-bore choke can quickly be changed as ammunition needs dictate.
  10. An integral rail on the forend makes it easy to mount lights and lasers as no extra cost.

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