The development of airsoft guns originated from the non-firing replicas created by Japanese gun enthusiasts who were forbidden, by their super-strict laws, from owning real firearms. These plastic and pot-metal replicas exactly aped their real-life counterparts and allowed collectors to acquire famous and infamous weapons like the “Tommy Guns” carried by our gangsters.

Now the airgun market has truly exploded, with several notable manufacturers creating high-quality target models, accurate replicas and reliable plinkers that are designed to satisfy every shooter’s needs.

Here we’ve rounded up the top 12 air rifles currently on the market, from the ultra-high-tech Umarex Morph 3X, to accurate Old West replicas like the Walther Lever Action, to hunt-ready models like Ruger’s Yukon or Targis Hunter, and integrally suppressed rifles like the Umarex Fusion. We’re sure you’ll find the air rifle you’ve been looking for in this collection.

Scroll through our gallery of air rifles above to find out more and perhaps add to your arsenal!

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