ARs dominate the rifle world. Then you have bolt actions. In the shotgun arena, you’ve got pump actions and the fastest semi-auto designs. But what about the oddballs? What about the single-shot rifles, like Uberti’s 1874 Sharps replica or Chiappa’s do-it-all Little Badger survival rifle?

We also can’t forget the lever-action 1887 shotgun (made famous on the frontier and resurrected in movies like Terminator 2), as well as the venerable double-barrels and other break-action designs. And then you have the Chiappa Triple Crown and Triple Threat—shotguns with three barrels!

Speaking of shotguns and rifles, some of the products in this roundup are both. Steyr’s Duett, for example, has one barrel for 12-gauge shells and another for rifle cartridges ranging from .222 caliber to 9.3x74mm. What category does this fit into?

While these rifles and shotguns are far from mainstream, they bring together things that every American shooter enjoys: high-quality craftsmanship, classic looks and on-target precision. Check out this roundup to see some of the best single-shots, double-barrels and lever actions currently on the market. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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