firstresp.gifIn Case One, A West Coast deputy comes under fire from a suspect armed with an autoloading rifle. As he bails out the patrol car door, ducking and raising his issue SIG SAUER P220 at the same time, he realizes he’s on target but the gun is sideways to the threat. He hears in his brain the voice of his instructor telling him, “It doesn’t matter, if the sights are on target, break the shot!” He does, and his 230-grain .45 ACP hollow point center-punches the man trying to murder him, ending the attack.

Inside Voice
There are many things to learn from this. Lesson One: Don’t be a sitting duck. The would-be cop-killer in Case One had his rifle dialed in on the windshield. However, with the officer moving and taking partial cover behind his open door as he ducked and then, raising his service pistol, significantly changed the game plan enough for the deputy to “get inside his loop” and shoot him before the perp could react, re-aim, and fire again. Lesson Two: The instructor’s advice was spot on. The gun’s left side was parallel to the ground, its sights horizontal as the deputy pressed the trigger back, but the SIG SAUER sent the bullet true.

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In Case One, A West Coast deputy comes under fire from a suspect armed…