Accuracy testing included shooting from an improvised rest using a range bag. The Troy M7 SBR produced a 0.24-inch group at 50 yards with Hornady’s 55-grain TAP ammo. Rob Garrett photo

Troy Industries is a leader in the AR/M4 market and supplies components to both the defense industry and many commercial manufacturers. While the company is best known for their rail systems and backup iron sights, they also produce a wide variety of other products, including stocks, sling mounts and muzzle brakes. In other words, Troy is a one-stop shop for M4 enhancements. I had a chance to visit with founder Steve Troy at a recent trade show and was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm. If you stand still around Steve, you will be left behind.

The M7 Kit includes all the parts needed to convert a standard AR into a state-of-the-art CQB platform, including a 7.5-inch-barreled SBR upper and Flat Dark Earth add-ons. Camera One Photo

Troy realized early on the need for an ultra-short M4 for CQB environments, protective details and vehicle operations. To that end, Troy developed the M7 Upgrade Kit, which will convert a standard M16/AR-15 into the ultimate PDW. Last year, I wrote an SBR roundup article in which I reviewed the M7A1 kit. Since that time, Troy has upgraded the M7 kit with several new and improved products.

Kit Specifics
When I received the new M7 kit, I realized just how much had been improved and upgraded. Major upgrades include the Battle Ax CQB Stock, the new low-profile TRX Extreme BattleRail, and the Claymore muzzle brake. Other components include the receiver tube, buffer and spring, complete upper receiver, pistol grip and foregrip, and backup iron sights. However, to fully appreciate the M7 package, it is necessary to describe the components.

An optional Storm case is available to hold all the components, including the upper, lower, seven mags, a cleaning kit and a sling. Camera One Photo

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Accuracy testing included shooting from an improvised rest using a range bag. The Troy M7…