From engineering and testing for higher safety margins to design elements based on comfort, TurtleSkin Body Armor technology is the new benchmark of performance for Level IIIA concealable ballistic vests. TurtleSkin Body Armor absorbs and dissipates more energy over a greater backface area to reduce non-penetrating injuries associated with blunt trauma to the chest and torso.

new-body-armor-intro.gifConcealable Ballistic Protection
Turtleskin SoftPlate technology is designed and tested to ensure higher safety margins of ballistic and blunt trauma protection in a concealable Level IIIA package, the highest level of concealable body armor protection from handgun threats. SoftPlate provides excellent comfort and flexibility while benefiting from the higher performance of specialized laminate materials typically used in hard armor ballistic protection. The ability to absorb and dissipate more energy over a greater backface area reduces non-penetrating injuries associated with blunt trauma to the chest and torso.

SoftPlate Technology Reduces Backface Signature (BFS)
Designed to provide the best ballistic performance and blunt trauma protection of any Level IIIA concealable armor vest on the market, all TurtleSkin ballistic packages are developed and tested in-house to Warwick’s strict ballistics testing standards. The NIJ maximum allowable backface signature of a .44 Magnum round is 44 mm at a velocity range of 1400-1460 ft/s (see Table 1). TurtleSkin Body Armor ensures an average BFS of only 31 mm, which provides a greater margin of safety when officers encounter high-velocity ammunition traveling at greater than 1460 ft/s.

Innovative Ballistic Package Carrier Design
TurtleSkin Body Armor provides more comfort, concealability, and custom fit for men and women. Each ballistic armor vest is custom sized, tailored, and pre-flexed for the individual. The innovative carrier design includes a Neoprene® suspension system with adjustable lumbar support. The carrier is made from antimicrobial fabric.

Personalized Fit for Male and Female Officers
TurtleSkin Body Armor means you no longer have to sacrifice protection for comfort. Each vest is custom tailored to provide outstanding fit for every hour on the job. We combine the highest ballistic and blunt trauma protection with innovate design elements for comfort and perfect fit.

Women’s body armor sizing requires extensive anthropometrical (body measurement) analysis to develop body armor designs that take into account each individual’s physical variations. Our ballistic vests are individually measured and designed for each officer.

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