TYR Tactical XFrame Stays (TYR-XF-STY) are made with carbon fiber and provide “Dynamic Load Carriage”, enhanced strength, bending, flexing, torque and a full range of motion. Shown with the XFrame Brokos Belt and PICO-MV carrier (not included).

What is Dynamic Load Carriage™

In the past, load carriage has typically been static and designed in a vertical alignment which does not self-adjust with the operator’s natural movements. The XFrame™ has changed that by creating a system which moves and adjusts to the body by reacting to the human’s natural body articulation and form. The XFrame™ does not only mediate load carriage from the shoulders, back, and hips but also supports the spine, back and core muscles with its hybrid composite of Polyethylene, Nylon and Carbon Fiber Stays. Specifically it utilizes the active hip to create a cross sectional load to the opposing muscular structure. This allows for dynamic movement of the body (twisting, turning, bending, and rotational movement of the hips). The XFrame stays free-float within cross channels in the carrier and have secure limiter straps that can be adjusted for maximum range of movement.

The XFrame System will work on current (May 1st, 2012) PICO 1/2/3 Carriers as well as PICO-MV and FTOC Carriers

Sizes: 14”, 15”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 22”


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TYR Tactical XFrame Stays (TYR-XF-STY) are made with carbon fiber and provide “Dynamic Load…