Everything that is desirable about the legendary lever-action Winchester ’73 is embodied in this latest model from the master craftsmen at Uberti. Available in .45 and .357 Magnum, the Uberti Model 1873 Competition Rifle was created to provide competition shooters with a higher level of performance from a lever-action rifle. The new 1873 model comes with a smooth-as-glass action and a short-stroke lever to speed up spent case ejection and reloading in those critical moments that can separate first and second place by fractions of a second! Not only is the new 1873 Competition Rifle fast, it is also a handsome gun with a brilliant color-cased receiver and lever, and a very desirable 20-inch octagonal barrel for maneuverability and accuracy. The new lever gun also features a shotgun-style buttstock for quick shouldering and a gold bead front sight. For more information, visit

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