New MOS Glocks

It has become an international obsession as each year moves on. What will GLOCK be doing next? It is the center of countless discussions online and in person, as well as fuel for numerous blogs. As 2016 began, expectations were high, and GLOCK has hit another home run. New this year are two guns that have been on many people’s wish lists.

Glock 17 Gen4 MOS

GLOCK has expanded its Modular Optic System (MOS) line to now include the iconic GLOCK 17 Gen4. The MOS Configuration makes it easy to mount a miniature reflex sight on the pistol’s slide without having to get a new slide or separate mounting system.

In many people’s minds, it was the G17 that really started GLOCK down this path. Over the years, custom shops have altered countless GLOCK 17 slides to allow for popular reflex sights, or people used out-of-the-box versions that utilized the rear site channel. GLOCK has now taken the lead and is providing its customers the opportunity to get their classic and reliable G17 in the much sought-after MOS Configuration. While it may be hard to believe, the reliable GLOCK 17 Gen4 just got better.

Glock 19 Gen4 MOS

To many, the release of the new G17 Gen4 MOS is seen as a major development. But GLOCK did not stop there. In concert with the new G17 Gen4 MOS, GLOCK has also released the G19 Gen4 MOS. This move shines a light on the growing trend of mounting quick-targeting reflex sights on defensive pistols. Once the exclusive realm of the competition world, reflex sights have made their way onto defensive carry guns. Now available with GLOCK’s popular MOS Configuration, the G19 Gen4 pistol can now easily be fitted for a variety of optics.

The benefits of having a miniature reflex sight on a gun as reliable and accurate as the G19 Gen4 MOS are numerous. First and foremost is the shooter’s ability to acquire and engage targets at high speed. There is no need to close one eye, which improves your overall vision of the events at hand. This takes one of the most relied-upon pistols in the world and takes it to the next level of accuracy and effectiveness. The GLOCK 19 Gen4 MOS will surely lead the industry and become a popular defensive handgun among shooters.

9×19 Glocks

Worldwide, 9x19s are the most popular GLOCKs. The narrow cartridge diameter allows for the maximum cartridge capacity in pistols of a given size. Its recoil is also the mildest of service pistol calibers, promoting ease of learning and fast, accurate hits. The 9×19 is available in a wide variety of loads; a standard-pressure, 147-grain bullet at 990 feet per second (fps) generates about 320 foot-pounds of energy (fpe), while 115-grain +P+ rounds at 1,300 fps deliver 432 fpe.

  • Adequate power with a maximized round count for the gun’s size.
  • Soft recoil for easy controllability and a high rate of accurate, rapid fire.
  • A wide variety of 9×19 ammunition is available.
  • At current ammo prices, the 9×19 is the most cost-effective chambering available.

Glock 43: 24/7 Backup

GLOCK has proven itself as a source for the ultimate in self-defense firearms. From full-sized powerhouses like the G17 to deep-cover compacts like the G26, GLOCK provides shooters with a wide range of options for their personal carry needs. And for those who wanted the smallest GLOCK possible, the company responded with the popular G42 in .380 AUTO. But what about those who wanted a similarly sized pistol, but in the more potent 9×19 cartridge? Well, GLOCK had an answer for that as well.

With the introduction of the GLOCK 43 in 9×19, self-defense enthusiasts have another option for their tactical toolkit. Unlike its G26 sibling with its double-column magazine, the ultra-slim G43 features a six-round, single-column magazine for the ultimate in concealable, 9×19 power. Measuring a scant 6.25 inches in overall length and a width of a mere 1.02 inches, this is a pistol that is ready to be covertly at your side in practically any situation. And, its light unloaded weight of just under 18 ounces will ensure that you will carry it with you wherever you go.

But fans of GLOCK’s renowned combination of simplicity and reliability should fear not. The G43 packs in all the features you have come to love about GLOCK’s pistols. From its foolproof SAFE ACTION system to its multiple safety features to its rock-solid reliability, this is a pocket pistol that you know you can count upon when the chips are down. Pick one up today. We are sure you will have a hard time putting it down!

Glock 17: The Original

This is the gun that started the “GLOCK revolution,” the hottest 9×19 handgun on the international military/police market today. It is also the one that has withstood more and greater torture tests than any other pistol available.

Glock 19: The 9×19 Workhorse

The compact version of the GLOCK 17, this is the preferred pistol of the NYPD’s 40,000 officers and the standard weapon of United Nations security personnel. Used by executive-protection professionals worldwide and comparable in size and weight to the small .38 revolvers it has replaced, the G19 9×19 is significantly more powerful with greater firepower and is much easier for users to shoot quickly and accurately.

Glock 34 Gen4 MOS: Optic-Ready 9×19

The original “Practical/Tactical” GLOCK has been upgraded with the addition of the GLOCK Modular Optic System (MOS) Configuration. The MOS allows the shooter to pick from a large variety of miniature reflex sights and install them with little effort on this GLOCK. Individual mounting plates are available for all popular miniature reflex sights and can be mounted or dismounted in seconds by the user. With a 5.31-inch barrel, this G34 variant has the accuracy and reliability of the original rendition that won essentially all the major practical shooting awards extant. The addition of the MOS Configuration opens up new categories where GLOCK will surely triumph again.

Glock 34: 9×19 Sporty Ambitions

The “Practical/Tactical” GLOCK 9×19 is the GLOCK 17 extended roughly the extended to roughly the overall length of the Government Model 1911.

Glock 26: The 9×19 Bodyguard

Similar in size and weight to the small-frame .38 snub-nose revolver it has replaced, the GLOCK 26 fires the powerful 9×19 cartridge while possessing 11 rounds—the combined capacity of a six-shot Detective Special and a five-shot Chief’s Special, with much less recoil and more deliverable accuracy at a faster rate of fire. It’s the ideal backup for those individuals who use the GLOCK 17 or GLOCK 19 for duty wear or home defense. Of course, the G26 Gen4 comes with a dual recoil spring assembly, a reversible magazine catch, interchangeable backstraps and improved frame texturing for solid control despite the pistol’s size.

.40 Glocks

Introduced in 1990 as a compromise between the power of a .45 AUTO and the cartridge capacity of a 9×19 pistol, the .40 offers much of the best of both those worlds and has become hugely popular among American police as well as civilians. The .40’s recoil is snappier than the 9×19’s but is not hard to manage in GLOCK pistols. Several different .40-caliber loadings are available. A typical 165-grain .40 bullet travelling at 1,130 fps delivers 468 fpe, and the more common 180-grain bullet at 1,050 fps delivers 414 fpe.

  • Comparable cartridge capacity to a 9×19 and comparable power to a .45 AUTO.
  • Wide choice of loadings.
  • Proven controllability.

Glock 22: .40-Caliber Pro Favorite

By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States, the venerable GLOCK 22 fires the potent .40 cartridge and holds more rounds for its size and weight than any other full-sized handgunin its class. This is a great duty option.

Glock 23: Versatile .40 Firepower

GLOCK’s compact .40, in the same “envelope” as the GLOCK 19, puts controllable big-bore power into an ideally sized package—substantial enough for police patrol, small enough for discreet and comfortable all-day concealed carry. It’s a top choice of professionals for undercover work.

Glock 27: The Mighty Mini .40

Amazingly accurate and controllable, the GLOCK 27 puts 10 rounds of .40 caliber at your fingertips in a package small enough for a pocket or ankle holster. This is the ideal backup gun to complement the larger GLOCK .40s. This is the “thinking person’s” deep-concealment GLOCK.

Glock 35 Gen4 MOS: Match King .40

The other twin of the GLOCK “Practical/Tactical” models, this GLOCK is chambered in .40, one of the most popular calibers in modern law enforcement. With its 5.31-inch barrel, this .40-caliber GLOCK has a tuned dual recoil spring assembly that assists in softening felt recoil and assures reliable functioning under extreme conditions. The MOS Configuration gives a user multiple sighting options, as he or she can easily and quickly mount a miniature reflex sight.

Glock 35: .40 Tactical Practical

The GLOCK 35 is the GLOCK 22 extended to “Practical/Tactical” (Government 1911) length, in .40 caliber.

10mm Glocks

This is the most powerful of the widely available semi-automatic pistol cartridges. A broad range of 10mm AUTO ammunition runs from lower-powered rounds equivalent to the .40 up to high-powered hunting loads that exceed 700 fpe. The G20 and G29 pistols have earned a reputation of being the lightest, most durable, softest-kicking available in this caliber, and they are recommended for hunting and for defense in dangerous-game country.

  • The most powerful GLOCK chambering available.
  • The 16-shot GLOCK 20 and 11-shot GLOCK 29 are lighter than six-shot revolvers, and “kick” less, while the 10mm AUTO power range is between the .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum.
  • GLOCKs in 10mm AUTO are widely recognized as the most durable of pistols in this chambering.

Glock 40 Gen4 MOS: 10mm Auto Power

This GLOCK is the pinnacle of 10mm AUTO pistol design. It sports a 6.02-inch barrel that practically guarantees that the 15 powerful 10mm AUTO rounds in the standard-capacity magazine will be delivered with precision and speed. To promote precision, the G40 Gen4 In MOS Configuration has a 4.5-pound trigger as well as the renowned Gen4 design enhancements, including the dual recoil spring assembly and reversible magazine catch. The super-hard and corrosion-resistant GLOCK surface treatment for the precision-machined slide and cold-hammer-forged barrel will protect the user’s investment and assure functioning under extreme conditions. Given these qualities, this GLOCK will satisfy the most discriminating target shooter, operator and hunter looking for the best.

Glock 20 Gen4: 10mm Auto in a Full-Size Format

The one semi-automatic service pistol that has stood up to the hammering of the commanding 10mm AUTO cartridge in long-term, sustained shooting. The GLOCK 20 Gen4, with 15 rounds, delivers magnum force downrange for distance and performance. The ready-for-anything G20 Gen4 delivers accuracy and maximum durability with low recoil.

Glock 20 SF: Maximum Power, Comfortable Package

GLOCK adapts its new SF (Short Frame) design to the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. The GLOCK 20 SF has a more comfortable frame. controllability and practical accuracy are enhanced without any loss in power. The GLOCK 20 SF also provides a maximum sight radius and can accept the optional 6-inch 10mm Auto barrel for absolute power and long-range precision.

Glock 29 Gen4: The 10mm Auto For Concealed Carry

The GLOCK 29 Gen4 offers the durability of the full-size GLOCK 20 Gen4 with the concealability of a compact pistol while featuring 10 rounds in the magazine and the 11th safely carried in the firing chamber. This GLOCK 29 Gen4 delivers the raw, long-range power of the “magnum force” 10mm Auto cartridge with ease.

Glock 29 SF: Maximum Power, Compact Package

GLOCK adapts its SF (Short Frame) design to the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. The GLOCK 29 SF has a comfortable frame and is controllable and accurate. The subcompact frame has the new and improved trigger position.

.45 Auto Glocks

Recognized for its ability as a “man-stopper” for over a century, this round is actually quite controllable, and is particularly so in the GLOCK series. This chambering is available in the pocket-sized, seven-shot G36, the compact 11-shot G30S developed for the detectives of LAPD’s famous Special Investigation Section, or the full-sized, 14-shot G21 that has become the most popular police .45 AUTO in the U.S. The standard “GI” .45 AUTO 230-grain load at 830 fps generates 352 fpe, while the +P 230-grain hollow point at 950 fps puts 461 fpe on target.

  • The .45 AUTO’s power level inspires confidence.
  • Ammunition readily available.
  • Known for extremely high accuracy.

Glock 41 Gen4 MOS: Victorious .45 AUTO

This “Practical/Tactical” GLOCK couples the venerable and inherently accurate .45 AUTO cartridge with the MOS Configuration for a powerful pistol that will deliver its projectiles precisely.

Glock 41 Gen4 .45 Auto Champion

Born to give you the upper hand in shooting competitions, the GLOCK 41 Gen4 features a long, slim slide providing users an extra-long sight radius, which translates to greater precision downrange. The GLOCK also packs the power of the renowned .45 AUTO, an adjustable rear sight and GLOCK’s Gen4 enhancements, including interchangeable backstraps so shooters can find the perfect fit.

Glock 21 gen4: The .45 Auto Standard

The GLOCK pistol that validates the .45 AUTO and its 100-year history by providing all the necessities for superb accuracy and functionality. The dual recoil spring assembly and adjustable backstraps offer increased shooting comfort and control. Sleek, powerful and affordable are the hallmarks of this remarkable handgun.

Glock 21 SF: The .45 Auto American Legend

Remarkable for its accuracy and light recoil, the GLOCK 21 SF delivers the legendary man-stopping power of the .45 AUTO round, with 13 shots in U.S. civilian-legal magazines.This powerful, lightweight, all-climate workhorse is standard issue from the North to South poles.

Glock 30 Gen4: Deep-Cover .45 Auto

This compact version of the GLOCK 21 is easy to carry concealed, more accurate than many target pistols and holds 11 rounds of the potent .45 Auto in a small, easy-to-shoot package.

Glock 30 SF: Concealed-Carry Glock

The GLOCK 30 SF has a short frame with dimensions reduced at the backstrap. It’s a perfect choice for special operations, law enforcement and civilians.

Glock 30S: Cutting-Edge Perfection

GLOCK’s next-gen G30S (Slim) combines power, high capacity and concealment into one state-of-the-art design. GLOCK engineers have taken the slide of the single-stack GLOCK 36 in .45 AUTO and successfully mated it with the slender frame of the GLOCK 30 SF (Short Frame).

Glock 36: .45 Auto in a 9×19-Sized Package

Expressly “thinned” for maximum concealability, the GLOCK 36’s frame is designed for easy reach to the trigger for even the shortest adult fingers. this 6+1 shot .45 AUTO has a 1-inch slide width and is built with “maximum concealment with maximum power” in mind.

.45 G.A.P. Glocks

Designed to deliver .45 AUTO ballistics in a pistol with a 9×19-sized frame, the .45 GLOCK Auto Pistol (G.A.P.) round is chambered in the GLOCK 37, with a 10+1 capacity in a frame size identical to the G17’s; the GLOCK 38, with an 8+1 capacity in a pistol the size of a G19; and the GLOCK 39, a 6+1 capacity “baby GLOCK” that is small enough for ankle holster wear.

  • Large-caliber power in a medium-sized pistol frame.
  • Controllable recoil for the power level.
  • Proven effectiveness in the field.
  • Particularly suitable for .45 AUTO fans with smaller hands.

Glock 37: Full Power in the Perfect Package

The GLOCK 37 brings together two of the most sought-after qualities in handguns now: legendary .45 power in the .45 G.A.P. cartridge with the universally accepted GLOCK design. Shooters can have it all: GLOCK’s revolutionary SAFE ACTION system, polymer construction, hammer-forged barrel and hard-as-diamond finish with the unquestioned efficiency of the .45 G.A.P. ammunition.

Glock 38: Compact For Concealed Carry

The natural evolution in GLOCK’s revolutionary .45 G.A.P. group, which started with the launching of the GLOCK 37, the GLOCK 38 is a compact-sized pistol. Here is practical handgun power in a size concealed carriers need and demand. Plainclothes LE, military and civilian carriers will appreciate 8+1 rounds of the accurate and powerful .45 G.A.P. cartridge in a model sized like other GLOCK compacts.

Glock 39: The Most Power in the Smallest Package

Built around the design parameters of GLOCK’s subcompact models, the GLOCK 39 melds deep-concealment size with the power and accuracy of the .45 G.A.P. cartridge. With power and concealability, the GLOCK 39 can be considered the GLOCK for the master shooter who wants perfection in a small, powerful package.

.380 Auto Glock

This is the smallest caliber generally recommended by experts for private citizen self-defense. Pistols in this chambering also have the shortest “trigger reach” dimension, making it particularly suitable for shooters with very small hands or short fingers. It allows a very thin pistol that lends itself to discreet concealment. While recoil can be unpleasant in smaller guns, the .380 AUTO has very soft recoil in the compact GLOCK 42. A typical .380 AUTO load comprises a 95-grain bullet at about 1,000 feet per second (fps), generating roughly 200 foot-pounds of energy (fpe).

  • Allows for a very small, flat pistol.
  • Especially suitable for small hands.
  • Particularly soft recoil in the GLOCK 42 pistol.
  • Ideal size for concealed carry.

Glock 42: Backup .380 Auto

The GLOCK 42 sets a new standard in concealed carry with its ultra-compact dimensions, 6+1 capacity and easy-to-shoot characteristics. This GLOCK is a perfect choice for law enforcement and civilians alike. It is GLOCK’s smallest pistol.

.357 Glocks

Picture a .40-caliber cartridge casing, with its greater gunpowder capacity, necked down to take a 9×19 bullet and you have the super-hot .357 cartridge. Designed to duplicate the ballistics of the most famous old .357 Magnum revolver load, with a 125-grain bullet traveling at 1,350 to 1,450 fps, this round can deliver the same 580 fpe with much less recoil than the magnum revolver and the same highly efficient cartridge capacity as the .40-caliber Glocks.

  • “Magnum force” with less than magnum recoil.
  • Same round count and controllability as a .40.
  • Superior tactical penetration.

Glock 31: .357 powerhouse

The duty-ready GLOCK 31 Gen4 is a full-sized fighting pistol packing 15+1 rounds of high-powered .357 protection.

Glock 32 & Glock 33: Compact .357 Firepower

The GLOCK 32 Gen4 and GLOCK 33 Gen4 offer the concealment capabilities of old .38 compacts, but with the magnum performance of the .357 round, much less felt recoil and 13+1 and 9+1 capacities, respectively. Meet the accurate, powerful and flat-shooting G32 Gen4 and G33 Gen4!

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