The Umarex Steel Force air rifle is a clone of a short-barreled AR that operates with the use of two standard CO2 cartridges and fires steel .177 caliber BBs from a 300-round reservoir. The Umarex Steel Force is capable of both semi-automatic fire and six-round bursts.

In semi-automatic you get the most power for each shot, and the BBs exit the short 7.5-inch barrel at 430 feet per second. This gun has a flattop upper and features accessory rails on the bottom and right side of the handguard. It has similar controls to a standard AR and features a collapsible stock.

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CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm)
BARREL: 7.5 inches
OA LENGTH: 24.4-28.2 inches
WEIGHT: 3.37 pounds (empty)
STOCK: Synthetic
SIGHTS: Fixed folding
ACTION: Select-fire
FINISH: Matte black
MSRP: $140.71

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