In the upcoming GUN ANNUAL 2015, author Clair Rees runs the new .177-caliber Umarex Octane through its places. Rees writes, “I recently got my hands on Umarex’s new Octane air rifle, which features a break-barrel action as well as a gas piston and a SilencAir sound suppressor. This air rifle appears to be very well made and was tightly fitted as it came from the box. The Octane felt very solid, with no loose- ness or rattles evident. Obviously, this rifle was carefully constructed to demanding specifications.

“The Octane features an ambidextrous synthetic stock with an open space behind the pistol grip that serves as an exaggerated ‘thumbhole’ design. The space behind the grip accommodates your entire thumb and palm, providing comfortable, solid control. A rubber shoulder pad caps the butt, while the hand-filling forend has four finger recesses on either side. The length of pull is 14.25 inches.

“The rifle’s 16.5-inch receiver is mated to a 19.5-inch barrel. The gun measures 48.5 inches in length from the muzzle to the butt. Its 9.5-pound heft makes it an air gun for serious shooters—it’s definitely not a toy! It’s heavy enough that I wouldn’t care to lug it very far afield. That weight helps steady the gun on target, which is an aid to accuracy. A spring-loaded ball projecting from the rear of the barrel engages a detent in the receiver to lock the barrel firmly in place. A rubber O-ring seals the rear of the barrel to the receiver. This O-ring is replaceable if (or when) it wears out. The barrel is rifled for accuracy.

“As mentioned, the Octane has both a gas piston and a sound suppressor. With the ReAxis Reverse-Axis gas piston, the piston moves in the opposite direction most other gas pistons do. The Umarex ReAxis piston also has some benefits to offer over a spring-powered rifle, including smoother cocking, no spring torque, greater durability and dependable functioning in cold weather.”

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