One of the beauties of the Remington 870 is the abundance of aftermarket accessories, which is also a curse. Determining which ones are worthwhile and of good quality can be a daunting and expensive proposition. Also, an officer should give careful thought to how their shotgun will be used before bolting anything to an already functional smoothbore (or any other firearm your life will be bet on). I decided to take an 870 and determine how someone with no more than one thumb on each hand could enhance it for patrol use.

Author equipped the Remington 870 with a Wilson Combat jumbo head safety.

One name cropping up during any discussion of shotgun enhancement is Mesa Tactical, having produced tactical shotgun accessories since 2003. In a short span they have made quite a name for themselves with products for a variety of shotguns. I inquired about the products most commonly purchased for law enforcement smoothbores, and the result of their years of experience ended up in a box on my front porch.

Mesa’s Tactical Barrel Clamp was attached to a Wilson’s mag tube extension.

Reducing Recoil
The 12 gauge is known for its recoil. Not teeth-smashing recoil, but certainly enough to intimidate many officers, regardless of stature—thus the influx of reduced recoil buckshot/slug loads, which help somewhat. Mesa has just the thing to tame the recoil and simultaneously allow the shotgun’s adjustment to fit virtually everyone.

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One of the beauties of the Remington 870 is the abundance of aftermarket accessories,…