Mega Arms is known for leaning over the cutting edge of the firearms industry with their enhanced and improved AR receivers. This is where the Urban Precision Rifle (UPR) starts, but please not that Mega Arms does not offer complete rifles for sale. Mega Arms President Mike Miller looked over the industry and, with outside input, brought together aspects of the AR platform that had yet to be fully explored. Can the UPR be built with off-the-shelf components? Can the UPR be effective from 0 to 300 yards with the potential to go 500-plus yards? Can the UPR be concealed in an ordinary briefcase? Well, with a list of questions like this, it is obvious that Mega Arms likes a challenge.

Side-Bolt Receiver
They obviously started off withMega Arms’ upper and lower. The upper is a side-bolt-style receiver that uses a side-handle bolt from Young Manufacturing. The side-handle bolt was selected in consideration of potential deployment. Operators laid up in a hide might need to manipulate the bolt without calling attention to themselves or moving out of a good position. A side bolt allows the bolt to be opened, closed or even pushed forward, if necessary, with a minimum of movement and effort. The original AR charging handle is not quite so accommodating. However, the Mega upper still retains the standard AR charging handle.
The side-charging bolt handle does create a small issue when cleaning the rifle. The side-charging bolt handle is screwed into the side of the bolt carrier. Therefore, the knob must be unscrewed before the bolt carrier can be removed from the upper receiver. The side-handle bolt carrier also precludes a dustcover. In all, the pluses and minuses even out. I call Mega’s upper an “improved” model. It has features that are new to the AR platform and are hopefully improvements… (; 877-857-5372)
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June 2013

Mega Arms is known for leaning over the cutting edge of the firearms industry…