TIGR’s “Patrol View” gives additional ground level and aerial imagery of the potential enemy attack points.

“Son of a bitch!” exclaimed the SF team leader as he looked at the TIGR (Tactical Ground Reporting) screen. “Those dudes built a second wall around their compound and they have IEDed the route we were going to take going there. Change of plan. Jimmy,” the team leader said to his engineer, who was building a shaped charge to blow out a qalat (adobe house) wall. “Guess you are going to have to build a second charge.” The ODA team safely infilled and exfilled the objective area, efficiently taking care of this insurgent leader, thanks to the new high-tech intelligence tool developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and produced by General Dyamics.

Real Intel in Real Time
TIGR can provide real-time or near real-time information on enemy troops and installations. Where are they? Who are they? Where did they originate? How are they armed? How best to neutralize this threat? And TIGR provides this intel at the squad level, where it is most needed.

Post mission debrief screen shown. With TIGR, convoys can better select routes or plan for danger areas where speed and/or aggressiveness is needed.

Until recently, these crucial questions were most often met by conjecture and guesses made from experience, at the cost of time and energy. The TIGR system is a secure and interactive map-based multimedia tool that enables the sharing and collaboration of information between platoon and squad-sized leaders across their AO (area of operations). TIGR facilitates rapid horizontal information sharing as well as disseminating information down from higher echelons to the company/troop level. Spanning both time and geography, TIGR also addresses the challenges of TOA (transfer of authority) by storing very specific information on people, places, and insurgent activity that can be used from one unit to the next. This mission-oriented continuity bridge gives small units the ability to maintain operational pressure on the enemy where it counts most.

After safely passing the IED, the patrol finds a weapons cache based upon intel stored in TIGR. The patrol leader then updates the data.

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