The UTAS UT9-M Mini has hit the market, and it will be available to retailers exclusively through Davidson’s.

UTAS USA manufacturers firearms for the American consumer market, winning “Gun of the Year” from NRA twice in the past.

UTAS UT9-M Mini Details

T​he UT9-M is a semi-automatic pistol, chambered in 9mm. Its 6-inch barrel and upper receiver comes topped with a full length Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other accessories. The controls will be immediately familiar to AR15 owners. The safety and magazine release are located where they would be on a full size rifle. Thanks to its lack of a buffer tube, the UTAS UT9-M is only 14 inches long. It can be upgraded with AR-style buffer tubes for mounting braces or stocks as a short barreled rifle. One of the nicest features is that the UT9-M Mini accepts Glock magazines. That means that there’s a readily available supply of mags on the market. That’s nice, since the pistol only ships with one 33 round magazine.

U​T9-M Uses

Whenever a pistol like the UTAS UT9-M Mini hits the market, someone will inevitably ask “what is this for?” With a gun like this, the answer is “whatever you want.” It’s compact enough to be a life-saving PDW that lives in a backpack, for example. The threaded barrel is a natural host for a suppressor, so it could be a solid choice as a home defense gun. Set it up with a quality optic, zero it with Federal 124 grain HST rounds, and you’re ready. Or, like any gun, you could buy it just because you want it and you think it looks cool.

UTAS UT9-M pistol

U​T9-M Availability

“UTAS is well-known in the firearms industry for their unique firearms offerings”, said Kane Cannedy, Davidson’s VP of Purchasing. “At Davidson’s, we have an industry-wide reputation for offering exclusive special make-ups in partnership with our manufacturing vendors. We’re excited to bring the UT9-M Mini to our dealer and end-user customers.” The UTAS UT9-M Mini is immediately available for dealer purchase from Davidson’s, and is available for individual purchase as well from retailers. It looks like it’s retailing in the $800-900 range on Gunbroker, which is a nice price for a handy 9mm AR-style pistol.

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