Velocity™ recently announced the release of the Assault Ramp two-man tactical assault ladder. The engineers at Velocity created the Assault Ramp specifically for tubular assaults, which involve linear targets like buses, rail cars, small planes and mobile housing units. The Assault Ramp allows two operators to rush a target and to scale fences, walls, or other obstacles. It also provides a stable surface for an assault entry team or a static covering force.

Users of the Assault Ramp are enthusiastic about its capabilities. Bob Flake, commander of the CSX Police Department’s Rapid Response Team says, “In the past, we have had to go to custom metal fabricators to secure two-man ladders. But in the end, they did not hold up to the stress of repeated two-man assaults.” Velocity builds its products to take more punishment and to be more stable than any other brand, and when used properly with sufficient training and practice, the Assault Ramp adds speed and stability to crisis situations.

assault-ladder-police.gifMark Anderton, Velocity’s director of government and military sales says the Assault Ramp is the result of his company’s focus on providing solutions for difficult situations. “Multiple agencies asked us what we could provide for certain tactical situations. We went to the drawing board and came up with the Assault Ramp. Every crisis site is different, so we designed this tool to be versatile enough for almost any situation, to help tactical teams neutralize a threat with greater speed and to keep more guns on target at all times.”

Velocity is the first major manufacturer to produce a tactical line. “We created this product so tactical law enforcement teams can have a safe, versatile tool for multi-person assaults,” explains Ryan Crawford, director of engineering. “Every feature on the Assault Ramp is designed to increase the speed and safety of a tactical assault.”

The Assault Ramp, which is Velocity’s second tactical assault product release, uses the same lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloys as Velocity’s Tactical series, which is based on the original Little Giant Ladder System. The Assault Ramp features black anodized armor for a subdued, non-reflective exterior and quick-release Rock Locks for quick extension and deployment. The Assault Ramp extends from its 6.5-foot storage height in 1-foot increments to a maximum height of 10.5 feet, and features 4-foot wide rungs—plenty of room for two operators to ascend simultaneously.

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