Last year I had the chance to test the Venom Tactical Cottonmouth, a fully custom 7.62mm built by Lenny Bolton of Venom Tactical. It was a solid duty rifle built to the highest standards. It proved to be incredibly accurate, rugged, reliable and a blast to shoot. So, when I was presented the chance to test the Venom Taipan, I jumped at it. Chambered in .338 Lapua Mag and built to the same high standards as the Cottonmouth, it looked to be impressive. Long a fan of the caliber, I knew it was going to be fun to put this piece of kit to work.

Venom Tactical likes to provide complete packages not only for testing, but also for their clients. It is one of those things we are in complete agreement on—operators need to get everything they need to go to work. Not only does it make for a nicely integrated system, it also means that all the operator has to do is head out and start shooting. No need to hunt down a case, cleaning gear, bipod, etc.: All you need is ammunition. While they have their preferences, Venom will build to a customer’s specifications. Either way, you get exactly what you want and everything you need.

Gun Details

The rifle provided for testing arrived in a new Pelican Storm Case. Along with the rifle came two AICS magazines and all the cleaning supplies you could need. Boretech Gun Oil and Copper Remover were supplied along with patches, brushes, a cleaning rod and a simple bore guide. Every component fits into its finely cut place in the foam. The closed cell foam from Foam America is cut with clean edges, keeping everything in its place.

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