G.A. Precision was founded in 1999 with the goal of creating professional-grade rifles that were still affordable. Since that time, the company has expanded both in size and in its reputation. Its rifles are in service with some of the most elite law enforcement agencies in the country to include the FBI as well as many SWAT and hostage-rescue team members.

While largely known for its rifles, G.A. Precision understands the need for a quality and reliable pistol as well. The company recently collaborated with Nighthawk Custom to produce a custom 1911 built to GAP specifications.

The Nighthawk GAP 1911 is designed to be a pure fighting pistol. In fact, the only option to be offered will be a threaded barrel with raised sights to clear a suppressor.

The GAP 1911 is a full-sized, 5-inch-barreled Government 1911 that is built to the exacting standards that one has come to expect from Nighthawk Custom. As with other Nighthawk pistols, each GAP 1911 is built from the ground up by one gunsmith.

The GAP features a High Power bevel on the slide that is both attractive and functional. The frontstrap is undercut at the base of the triggerguard to accommodate a high grip. Also, the frontstrap and mainspring housing feature a machined, lightening ball cut for a positive purchase without being abrasive. The slide has been left plain with the exception of the Nighthawk logo and the GAP logo, both located to the rear of the pistol’s cocking serrations.

We tested the Nighthawk GAP with Gemtech’s new monocore GM-45 suppressor at the range, and the pistol proved both accurate and reliable.

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