The HS .50 from Steyr Arms is well known in the long-range shooting community. This bolt-action bullpup, chambered in the hard-hitting .50 BMG, regularly helps competitors rank first in big-bore competitions where shots out to a mile are the norm.

Now Steyr has redesigned the platform and released the HS .50-M1, which has some significant improvements for today’s shooters.

Starting from the rear, the HS .50-M1 comes equipped with an integral, adjustable monopod at the bottom of the buttstock, which makes it easy for shooters to support the rifle from a prone position. The action accepts five-round magazines that feed from the left side.

Next you’ll find several Picatinny rails along the top and bottom for mounting optics as well as night-vision gear and laser aiming devices, for example. Cold-hammer-forged barrels with 1-in-15-inch twist rates are available in various lengths.

At the bottom of the forend is an integral, adjustable bipod, another boon for shooting from prone.

In all, the HS .50-M1 is 9 inches shorter than the standard HS .50 and 2 pounds lighter — that’s quite a feat of engineering.

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