Volquartsen Semi-Auto 17 WSM Rifle

New for 2014, Volquartsen has announced the release of their Semi-Auto rimfire rifle chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum. At 3000 fps, Volquartsen has provided the perfect weapon for hunting prairie dogs, coyotes and other small varmints.

The Volquartsen Semi-Auto 17 WSM Rifle has a CNC machined stainless steel receiver with a threaded 20-inch barrel and a Picatinny rail for optimized accuracy, as well as an 8-round magazine capacity and a base weight of 9 pounds and seven ounces. In addition, Volquartsen’s machined tungsten alloy bolt has a center mounted recoil rod and spring, which helps provide the reliable performance every varmint hunter relies upon.

The new Semi-Auto rifle chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum is designed for both the 20 and 25-grain bullet varieties. MSRP for this rifle ranges from $1,875 to $2,108.50, depending on the configuration (classic, deluxe and IF-5). The classic configuration features a stainless steel bull barrel, deluxe is a straight-fluted barrel with 32 hole compensator and IF-5 is an i-fluted barrel with a forward blow compensator. Each version comes with a brown, brown/gray, or gray laminated stock.

Dealer orders will begin shipping this summer, with direct retail orders to follow soon after.

Specifications: Volquartsen Semi-Auto 17 WSM Rifle
-Stainless steel receiver CNC machined with integral Picatinny mount
-Stainless steel 20″ barrel threaded into the receiver
-Magazine capacity 8-round
-Designed for both the 20 and 25 gr 17 WSM
-9lb 7oz base weight

For more information, visit https://www.volquartsen.com

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