There are always going to be times when the situation, rules of engagement, or circumstances dictate that you can’t just clock your opponent in the head with your collapsible baton. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t put him on the pavement and keep him there until you get to safety.

In this hard-hitting video, military veteran, former cop, and world renowned self-defense expert W. Hock Hochheim takes decades of street experience, strips away the theory, and brings you a stick takedowns program you can use as a civilian, law enforcement officer, or military professional. The point isn’t to create a so-called “stick fighter,” but a street warrior capable of handling almost any violent encounter using a stick, baseball bat, or any other like blunt weapon, including less-lethal use of the rifle or shotgun.

Hochheim first teaches quick strikes to set up the chokes and locks leading to the takedown and then shows you how you can throw your attacker to the ground using his head, face, torso, or limbs as a fulcrum. From there, he discusses follow-up techniques that can be used on your downed opponent whether you want to flee, arrest him, or deliver a crippling blow. A stick can be one of the best weapons around for personal protection, but if you’re just striking with it, you’re missing out on valuable, life-saving techniques. For information purposes only. Stick Takedowns for Hard-Core Self-Defense with W. Hock Hochheim. More information here.

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