In the upcoming May 2014 issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS, author Phillip Null test-fires the new LVOA-S carbine in 5.56mm NATO from War Sport Industries. Null writes, “Door-kickers are those who stack up next to a door, breach it with a limb, blunt object or explosive, and clear the interior of a structure with a combination of speed, surprise and violent action. Theirs is a job where angles count and only inches separate the bodies in the fight. Operating in the close quarters beyond the threshold is best done with a weapon that allows fast movement, knockdown power and options for mounting targeting and illumination tools. To meet these basic needs and offer some innovative solutions to other tactical problems, War Sport Industries of Robbins, North Carolina produced the Low Visibility Operations Application short- barrel rifle, or LVOA-S.

“Purpose-built for professional warfighters and law enforcement officers expecting to fight in close quarters, the LVOA-S is the result of a determined effort to solve flash signature and muzzle control issues inherent in an SBR without sacrificing the benefits of the design’s minimum overall length or light weight. Typically, SBR shooters fit a suppressor to the muzzle to reduce flash and allow better control, but the added hardware also increases the weapon’s dimensions, negating the original shortened design while also creating heat and carbon buildup issues. Those who avoid a suppressor and instead employ only a flash suppressor risk poor control for follow-up shots and during rapid fire. To eliminate the need for a suppressor and offer the lowest possible flash signature, the LVOA system offers a two-part solution: first, the incorporation of a BattleComp 2.0 full muzzle brake pinned and welded to the end of the barrel, and second, a flash suppressor integrated into the rail system that surrounds and manages the gases from each fired round.”

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