FN America FNS-40C sneak peek exclusive
Watch FN America's New Undercover FNS-40C

The introduction of the new FNS-40C meets the growing demands of the concealed-carry community who want lightweight, compact pistols that can still deliver the necessary stopping power. The firearms made by Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal (FN), and now FN America, have been synonymous with quality, durability and high performance since the late 1800s. In fact, the company currently produces several models for our military and even more for other countries’ armed forces. The name alone provides enough incentive for many to plop down their hard-earned money.

In 2011, when FN America introduced its new polymer-framed, striker-fired FNS pistol line, shooters across the country took notice. Since then, enthusiasts have been anticipating the company’s introduction of compact models, which were missing from the otherwise impressive lineup. Fans of the FNS line just wanted something a little more concealable.

The wait is over! The FNS 40C has all the traits of the original but with reduced weight and size. The FNS-40C features the same articulated/hinged trigger, stainless steel barrel and replaceable backstrap as the full-size model, and more.

The result is that the compact model feels just like the full-size FNS-40, but with a shorter front- and backstrap. Performance is still impressive, just in a more compact package. A low bore axis (thanks to the undercut triggerguard), an effectively fashioned high beavertail and a grip angle mirroring the 1911 platform produce less perceived recoil and muzzle flip. Speaking of the grip angle, a pair of replaceable backstraps (flat and curved) is included with the new FNS pistol.

Thanks to its gentle dehorning, the FNS-40C is quick from the holster, and it exhibited excellent accuracy on the range. And with its new compact dimensions, I found the FNS-40C to be well suited for everyday concealed carry.

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