When deciding on either concealed carry or home defense weapons, listening to an expert always makes things a little easier.

This year, Ballistic magazine has put together several round tables so that shooters have a better idea of what weapons the experts use and why.

18 Experts Pick Their Concealed Carry Weapon of Choice

First up are concealed carry weapons. To help guide you in your path to selecting the right CCW setup, we asked our varied panel of industry experts to reveal what kind of gun they chose to carry, their method of carry and holster type and why they made their choices.

From former U.S. Navy Seals to Ted Nugent, take a look at what the experts picked as their CCW setup.

8 Experts Pick Their Home Defense Weapon of Choice

Next up are weapons for home defense.

Weapon choice in the role of home defense is a hotly debated topic. This discussion is commonly talked about between friends and family over the dinner table and even argued among strangers over the internet (keyboard courage is a helluva drug). Details such as platform size and user proficiency, ammunition stopping power and overpenetration are all dissected and analyzed over and over again.

Bill Wilson and Frank Proctor were just two of the eight experts on our round table.

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